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News events of 1997

April 1997

4-3-1997 -- Gas station clerk Margaret Chain was found shot to death at the Sunoco Mini Mart she managed at Ohio 741 and Alex-Bell Road in Miami Township.
4-7-1997 -- Bryan Singleton, 18, and Jacob Agee, 16, were charged with aggravated murder in the April 3 shooting death of Margaret Chain.
4-9-1997 -- Cleveland Indians pitcher Jose Mesa was acquitted of all charges in a rape trial.
4-10-1997 -- The Columbus-based Glimcher Co., which owns the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek, announced it would purchase the Dayton Mall.
4-13-1997 -- Twenty-one-year old golf phenomenon Tiger Woods won the Masters tournament with an 18-under-par 270, the lowest score ever shot in the Masters. Woods' 12-stroke victory was a Masters record by three strokes and the greatest winning margin in any major since the 1862 British Open. Woods is also the first black to win a major professional golf tournament.
4-14-1997 -- Former WSU dean Frederick Gies pleaded guilty to felony corruption charges related to his handling of college funds.
4-14-1997 -- A jury found Patricia Ann Murphy not guilty by reason of insanity in the May 5, 1996 shooting of her 13-year-old daughter.
4-15-1997 -- A Montgomery Co. Sheriff's deputy was fired as part of a series of disciplinary actions taken by Sheriff Gary Haines. Two other deputies were suspended earlier in the week, and two probationary employees resigned.
4-18-1997 -- Three people died in a fire on Riegel Street. Killed were Ivory and Ophelia Franklin, both in their 70s, and their son Anthony, 38, who lived with them. Investigators immediately suspected that the fire was set deliberately to cover a triple homicide.
4-19-1997 -- Peruvian commandos stormed the hijacked Japanese embassy in Lima and rescued all but one of the 72 hostages who had been held captive for 126 by Marxist guerrillas. One of the hostages died of a heart attack and several others were injured in the shooting. All of the rebels were killed in the attack.
4-27-1997 -- First day of "Prison Grays" series by Tom Beyerlein.
4-27-1997 -- Local radio personality Lou Emm died at 74.
4-28-1997 -- Dayton Police lieutenant David A. Sherrer Sr. was fired by Chief Ronald Lowe for lying to police internal affairs investigators.
4-28-1997 -- Bradford resident Nancy Beam was shot to death in a Dayton neighborhood during what police later described as a drug buy that turned into a robbery. Police arrested William Glenn Hawkins, 16, on charges of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.
4-29-1997 -- Chicago Tribune columnist Mike Royko died at 64.
4-30-1997 -- Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery announced that Ohio will join 24 other states in suing the tobacco industry in an attempt to recover billions of dollars the state has spent in tobacco-related illnesses.

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May 1997

5-1-1997 -- In Britain the Labour Party won an overwhelming victory in parliamentary elections, ending 18 years of rule by the Conservative Party. Tony Blair would become Britain's next Prime Minister, replacing John Major.
5-2-1997 -- President Clinton and Republican leaders in Congress agreed on a balanced budget plan.
5-3-1997 -- After a seven-day standoff "Republic of Texas" separatist Richard McLaren and his followers surrendered to authorities.
5-6-1997 -- In municipal primary election, Dayton City Commission candidates Abner Orick, Lloyd E. Lewis Jr., Mary Wiseman and Mike Osgood were the top vote-getters from a field of seven candidates. They will be on the fall ballot for two seats on the commission.
5-7-1997 -- Former Hamilton resident Glen Rogers was convicted of murder in the November 1995 slaying of Tina Marie Cribbs. Rogers is a suspect in several similar murders.
5-8-1997 -- Former Greene County Sheriff Russell A. Bradley died at 77. He retired in 1987 after serving 30 years as sheriff, the longest tenure of any sheriff in Ohio.
5-10-1997 -- A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck northeastern Iran. Initial reports said 2,400 were killed.
5-11-1977 -- In the chess re-match between man and machine, IBM's "Deep Blue" chess-playing computer defeated Garry Kasparov in a six-game match.
5-13-1997 -- John du Pont received a 13-30-year sentence for the murder of Olympic wrestler David Schultz. du Pont was found guilty but mentally ill on Feb. 25 and is to receive treatment for paranoid delusions during his incarceration.
5-16-1997 -- Mobutu Sese Seko fled Zaire after 32 years in power as rebel forces marched on the capital.
5-19-1997 -- A Dunbar High School ninth-grader accidentally shot himself in the thigh at the school cafeteria. The incident prompted school officials to review how they use metal detectors.
5-19-1997 -- The body of Northridge High School student Ben Koopman, 17, was found along the banks of the Great Miami River. Coroners said his body had been in the water for at least three days.
5-21-1997 -- Former Dayton police officer Dineah Childs was sentenced to 8-40 years on four drug convictions. Her husband, Charles F. Childs, was convicted in an earlier trial.
5-22-1997 -- Facing a court martial for adultery, Air Force pilot Kelly Flinn agreed to a general discharge. Flinn, the only female B-52 pilot, was accused of having an affair with the husband of an enlisted woman, lying about the affair and disobeying an order to end the relationship.
5-22-1997 -- Dayton Fire Chief Robert Zickler announced his resignation, saying he has agreed to become chief of the Kettering Fire Department. Zickler, who had been hired by former city manager Bill Estabrook, had clashed with city officials and the firefighters' union over budget issues.
5-22-1997 -- Ten Oakwood High School students were fined $100 each for their involvement in a fake driver's license scheme. Twenty-two other Oakwood students were also scheduled to appear on the same offense.
5-27-1997 -- The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton can continue. Clinton's lawyers had sought to delay the case until his term is over.
5-27-1997 -- Arie Luyendyke won the Indianapolis 500 for the second time.
5-28-1997 -- This is the 20th anniversary of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire, in which 165 people were killed, including 51 from the Miami Valley. See anniversary coverage in DDN in the May 25 edition.
5-31-1997 -- The trial of Timothy McVeigh began in Denver. McVeigh is accused of setting the bomb which killed 168 people in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

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June 1997

6-1-1997 -- First day of Sprawl series.
6-1-1997 -- Former WHIO news anchor Don Wayne died at 75.
6-1-1997 -- Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, was severely burned in an arson fire at her home in New York. Police identified Shabazz' 12-year-old grandson as the primary suspect.
6-2-1997 -- Timothy McVeigh was found guilty of the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people. The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for 23 1/2 hours before returning guilty verdicts on all 11 counts against him.
6-3-1997 -- The Cincinnati Reds approved plans for minor league baseball in Dayton. Reds managing partner John Allen, who was in charge during owner Marge Schott's suspension, agreed to waive the Reds' territorial rights and allow a team in downtown Dayton, provided that funding and other conditions were met by Aug. 15.
6-9-1997 -- A spokesman for Second and Main Ltd, which owns the former Lazarus building, said the group has been unable to find a major tenant for its proposed office tower on the site and may have to scrap or modify the project.
6-9-1997 -- Air Force Gen. Joseph W. Ralston withdrew as a candidate for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after a week of controversy over an adulterous affair he had more than a decade ago. Ralson's past transgression became public only days after Air Force pilot Kelly Flinn was forced to resign after being charged with adultery and, lying and disobeying orders.
6-10-1997 -- Former Black Panther Elmer "Geronimo" Ptratt was released from prison after 27 years behind bars on murder charges. Pratt's 1972 conviction was overturned in May.
6-12-1997 -- Dayton's congressman, Rep. Tony P. Hall, submitted a resolution to have Congress formally apologize to black Americans for slavery.
6-12-1997 -- Oakwood resident Virginia Bernthal Toulmin announced in Washington that her late husband's estate will donate $60 million to Georgetown University for medical research. The gift -- the largest ever to Georgetown and the 17th largest private gift to higher education in the U.S. -- is a "charitable remainder trust," meaning it will not take place until Mrs. Toulmin's own death. She is the widow of Harry A. Toulmin, a businessman and patent attorney, who died in 1965.
6-13-1997 -- Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to die for the Oklahoma City Bombing.
6-13-1997 -- The Chicago Bulls won their fifth NBA championship in seven years.
6-14-1997 -- Dayton's telephone area code officially switched from 513 to 937. Both area codes were in use since September 1996, but as of 6-14 only 937 would work.
6-15-1997 -- The Dayton Art Institute reopened after an 18-month expansion and renovation project.

Cinciannati shortstop Pokey Reese fires to first base after forcing out Cleveland's Manny Ramirez. The Reds went on to win 4-1 in the first interleague game between the two Ohio teams.
6-15-1997 -- The Downtown Dayton Partnership announced it had selected a site for the proposed minor league baseball stadium. The 7.5 acre site is bounded by First St., Sears St., Monument AVe., Patterson Blvd. and River Corridor Drive.
6-16-1997 -- For the first time in baseball history the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians played a regular season game. The event was a result of the introduction of interleague play, which was approved by Major League Baseball owners this year. The first interleague games were on 6-12 but the Reds' first such game was 6-13, against the Chicago White Sox.

Chevie Kehoe after his arrest in southwestern Utah.
6-16-1997 -- Cheyne Kehoe surrendered in Washington state. One of two brothers wanted for assault on police officers in the Wilmington shootout case, had been the focus of a national manhunt since February.
6-17-1997 -- Chevie Kehoe was apprehended in southern Utah.
6-20-1997 -- Representatives of the tobacco industry agreed to settle state lawsuits. The tobacco companies agreed to unprecedented new rules that would strictly limit marketing and advertising of tobacco products. The agreement paves the way for the FDA to regulate nicotine as a drug, and it means the end of "Joe Camel" and the "Marlboro Man" in advertising. The companies also agreed to pay states $360 millionover 25 years in compensation for health care costs related to smoking.
6-23-1997 -- Betty Shabazz died three weeks after suffering severe burns in an arson fire at her home. The widow of Malcolm X was 61.
6-23-1997 -- The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the White House must surrender notes taken by attorneys who met with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss aspects of the Whitewater case. The White House had argued that the notes were covered by attorny-client privilege, but the court disagreed.

Mike Tyson was disqualifed shortly after biting Evander Holyfield twice on the ears.
6-24-1997 -- The U.S. Air Force issued "The Roswell Report" in an effort to debunk claims that the government hid evidence of an alien spaceship crash in the New Mexico desert in 1947. The report includes the story of Capt. Dan Fulgham who was stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and whose 1959 ballooning accidentin New Mexico may have been the basis for part of the Roswell legend.
6-28-1997 -- The much-anticipated boxing rematch between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson was stopped in the third round after Tyson bit part of Holyfield's ear off. Tyson was disqualified and a melee ensued, but Holyfield retained his crown.
6-30-1997 -- At midnight 156 years of British colonial rule of Hong Kong came to an end as Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule.
6-30-1997 -- Dayron Talbott was arrested in connection with the death of Anthony Dyer, whose body was found 1-10-1997 on the banks of Wolf Creek. Talbott, now 23, was only five years old when five members of his family were killed in front of him in 1985.

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