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News events of 1997

January 1997

1-1-1997 -- Ohio State won the Rose Bowl, defeating Arizona State 20-17.
1-2-1997 -- NCR Chairman Lars Nyberg rang the bell and banged the gavel to close the New York Stock Exchange. The ceremoney marked NCR's return to public trading on the stock market.
1-4-1997 -- Former DNI executive Daniel J. Mahoney Jr. died at 69. Mahoney was president of Dayton Newspapers Inc before leaving in 1975 for the Palm Beach Post.
1-7-1997 -- Sinclair Community College President David Ponitz announced he will retire Aug. 31. College trustees named provost Ned Sifferlen as the new president.

In Congress, Newt Gingrich was re-elected speaker of the House. Gingrich publicly apologized to the House and to the nation for ethical violations.

1-8-1997 -- Marie Aull turned 100. The Dayton-area naturalist is the founder of Aullwood Garden.
1-9-1997 -- A commuter plane crashed near Detroit, killing all 29 aboard. Flight 3272 originated in Cincinnati, but no Dayton area residents were aboard.

Officials from Major League Baseball said they are investigating accusations that Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott used the names of Reds employees to falsify sales and attain quotas at her Chevrolet-Geo auto dealership.

1-10-1997 -- Elder-Beerman Stores announced it has hired a new president and chief executive, Frederick J. Mershad, 53, who has held a similar post at the Tennessee-based Proffitt's Stores retail chain.
1-10-1997 -- In Dallas, police cleared Cowboys players Erik Williams and Michael Irvin of accusations of sexual assault. Officials said the 23-year-old woman who accused them would be charged with filing a false report.
1-14-1997 -- Ohio Gov. George Voinovich delivered his State of the State Address, focusing on school funding.
1-16-1997 -- Bill Cosby's son, Ennis, was shot to death in an apparent robbery attempt. He had been changing a flat tire along a Los Angeles freeway.
1-17-1997 -- Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman was suspended for 11 games -- the second longest suspension in league history -- for kicking a cameraman on 1-15.
1-18-1997 -- Former U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas died of pneumonia at 55. Tsongas, who ran for president in 1992, was battling cancer.
1-19-1997 -- The first installment of the Mary McCarty three-day series, Fixing Welfare: Rural Ohio.
1-20-1997 -- President Clinton was inaugurated for a second term.
1-21-1997 -- Reynolds & Reynolds announced it plans to add 2,500 jobs to its Kettering operations by the year 2007.

1-21-1997 -- NCR Corp stock climbed 9 percent in the stock market in response to fourth-quarter results showing marked improvement.

1-21-1997 -- In Congress, the U.S. House reprimanded Speaker Newt Gingrich and fined him $300,000 for ethics violations.

1-22-1997 -- The Greene County Drug Task Force raided a Fairborn restaurant and arrested several men on gambling charges. The Daily News published a "Justice in Jeapardy" article on 3-2, raising questions about how the raid was handled.
1-23-1997 -- The Ohio Supreme Court denied an appeal by Franciscan Medical Center in case related to the Dr. James Burt controversy. The decision means the hospital can be sued by women who were harmed by Burt, who performed experimental vaginal surgeries at the hospital in the 1980s. An attorney representing 13 of the victims said he expects the hospital will settle the claims.
1-26-1997 -- The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots 35-21. Green Bay, which won Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II in the days of Vince Lombardi, went the next 29 years without a championship before finally winning Super Bowl XXXI.
1-28-1997 -- Auto workers at GM's Moraine truck plant ended a three-day strike after coming to a tentative agreement with the company on a new three-year contract.

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February 1997

2-4-97 -- The jury in the O.J. Simpson civil trial found Simpson liable in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The jury ordered Simpson to pay $8.5 million in compensatory damages.
2-9-1997 -- Mary McCarty column debues in Metro.
2-10-1997 -- "Dilbert' replaces 'Andy Capp' in DDN's daily comics page.

First day of "Underground Railroad" series by James Cummings.

2-10-1997 -- The jury in the OJ Simpson civil trial awarded $25 million in punitive damages to the family of Ron Goldman. This is on top of the $8.5 million in compensatory damage awarded on 2-4.
2-13-97 -- Laura Dempsey column debues in HomeLife.
2-15-1997 -- Area law enforcement officers launched a massive manhunt for two armed gunmen who fired at state troopers in Wilmington after their vehicle was stopped for a routine traffic violation.
2-17-1997 -- Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr announced he would step down in August to become dean of Pepperdine University in California.
2-17-1997 -- An unarmed Green County deputy was shot at by a man carrying a sawed-off shotgun outside of the Greene County Jail.
2-19-1997 -- Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping died at 92.
2-20-1997 -- Sen John Glenn announced he will not run for a fifth term.
2-20-1997 -- A Clinton County grand jury issued a 16-count indictment against Chevie Kehoe and his brother Cheyne, believed to be the two gunmen in the Wilmington shootout.
2-21-1997 -- Bowing to intense pressure from Republicans, Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr reversed his earlier decision to quit and promised to stay on the investigation
2-25-1997 -- A jury in Pennsylvania found millionire John Du Pont guilty of murder in the jan. 26, 1996 shooting death of David Schultz. Du Pont was convicted of third-degree murder, was found guilty but mentally ill and will go to a mental hospital.
2-26-1997 -- All Central State University athletic programs were placed on suspension through the end of the 1997-98 academic year. The decision, by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, was a result of alleged eligibility violations by the CSU football team. The decision means the CSU women's basketball team - which ended the regular season 27-2 and ranked fifth in the nation - would be ineligible for post season competition.
2-27-1997 -- The owners of Kitty's restaurant announced they will stay downtown after all. Kitty and Dan Sachs had earlier threatened to close the upscale restaurant because the city commission voted to spend public money to assist the development of a Pizzeria Uno restaurant nearby.
2-28-1997 -- The Dallas Morning News reported on its website that Timothy McVeigh admitted his involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing. The story claimed McVeigh told his lawyers he set off the bomb during the daytime because he wanted a significant "body count"

2-28-1997 -- The owners of Elder-Beerman Stores Corp -- William and Barbara Weprin and Leonard Peal -- were forced off the company's board of directors after they allegedly revealed confidential information to competitors in hopes of finding a buyer. The ouster was not revealed for several days and surfaced in DDN on 3-2.

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March 1997

3-1-1997 -- Myron John Hicks, 32, a guard at the Dayton Art Institute, was arrested on theft charges. He is accused of taking several small art objects from the museum's collection and trying to sell them to a local antique dealer.

3-1-1997 -- Dayton Mayor Mike Turner formally announced his bid for re-election. Turner's Democratic opponent is expected to be Commissioner Tony Capizzi.

3-3-1997 -- The National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics lifted its suspension of most Central State athletic programs. All remained on probation but some teams were permitted to participate in post-season play.
3-5-1997 -- After a week of flooding the Ohio River reached a Cincinnati peak of 64.6 feet -- 12.6 feet above flood stage.
3-7-1997 -- Johnny Walker, president of the Hara Arena Complex, said he has an agreement to bring in a minor-league baseball team. Walker's announcement presented a possible conflict to Dayton city officials who are involved in a separate effort to bring a team downtown.

3-7-1997 -- The Daily News reported on the case of Abdullah Al-Khaliq, a local Muslim who was jailed for five days after being arrested Feb. 26 under questionable circumstances.

3-9-1997 -- Rap music performer "Notorious B.I.G." was shot to death in Los Angeles.
3-10-1997 -- An entire family was killed in a car-train collision in Shelby County. The victims were David and Kathryn Horner of Vandalia and their three teenage children.

3-10-1997 -- OSU basketball coach Randy Ayers was fired after four straight losing seasons. The school also dismissed its women's basketball coach, Nancy Darsch.

3-12-1997 -- One man was killed and two others were injured in a shooting at a Xenia apartment.
3-13-1997 -- Russian immigrant Mikail Markhasev was arrested for the murder of Ennis Cosby, the son of Bill Cosby who was slain Jan. 16 in Los Angeles. The arrest came as a result of a tip call to the National Enquirer, which had advertised a $100,000 reward.
3-14-1997 -- Ed Schilling was hired to be the new basketball coach at Wright State, replacing Ralph Underhill.

3-14-1997 -- President Clinton injured his knee when he fell on steps at the Florida home of golfer Greg Norman. The president underwent a two-hour operation to repair the torn tendon.

3-17-1997 -- Elder-Beerman was granted another five months to file its bankruptcy reorganization plan.

3-17-1997 -- Joseph Dean Benasutti was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Shannon Shoop. Prosecutors said he may be eligible for parole after 30 years.

3-20-1997 -- In a break with other tobacco companies, Liggett agreed to settle 22 lawsuits. The company, which makes the Chesterfield brand, admitted smoking is addictive and that tobacco companies market cigarettes to minors.
3-23-1997 -- First installment of the Dayton Daily News series "Violence in the Workplace" by Debra Jasper.
3-24-1997 -- In a landmark decision the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Ohio's school funding system unconstitutional and gave state officials one year to replace the funding formula.
3-26-1997 -- The bodies of 39 people were found in a mansion near San Diego. All were members of a cult known as Heaven's Gate and apparently committed suicide believing they would be taken up by a space ship flying in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet, then visible in the night sky.
3-30-1997 -- Jury selection began in the trial of Timothy McVeigh, who faces the death penalty in the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

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