Marie Aull
-- naturalist, founder of Aullwood Garden

  Since 1923 Marie Aull, who turned 100 on Jan. 8, 1997, has been welcoming visitors to Aullwood Garden, a 30-acre country garden near Englewood Dam.
   Mrs. Aull is also the founder of Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, a 200-acre nature sanctuary.

Background on Marie Aull:

Born: Marie Sturwold was born in Cincinnati Jan. 8, 1897.
Family: Her parents were Anthony and Rose Dickhaus Sturwold. She had an older sister, Catherine.
Education: She studied botony and geology at the University of Cincinnati.
Marriage: On June 23, 1923, Marie Sturwold married John Aull, president of the Aull Brothers Paper and Box Company. She was 26; he 57. John Aull died on Jan. 1, 1955 at age 89. The Aulls had no children.
Aullwood Garden: In 1907 John Aull had purchased a 150-acre farm along the Stillwater River to use as a vacation retreat. After their marriage in 1923 the Aulls decided to live at the farm year-round.
  The couple began developing a wildflower garden almost immediately and from the start encouraged visitors.
Aullwood Audubon Center: After John Aull's death, Marie donated the 70-acre farmland section of their property to the Audubon Society, keeping the 30-acre Aullwood Garden and home for herself. Aullwood Center opened on Nov. 2, 1957.

Selected Dayton Daily News stories:


* Friends and well-wishers recall Marie Aull's gifts of nature.
By Marty Williams DAYTON DAILY NEWS Published: 01/09/97 -- Page: 1B

* In addition to assisting many worthy organizations, Marie Aull has welcomed visitors to her famed garden retreat since 1923.
By Mary McCarty Dayton Daily News Published: 01/08/97 -- Page: 1B

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