Police conduct:
The Childs-Bailey corruption case

Charles F. Childs

Dineah Childs
  On June 21, 1995 three Dayton police officers were indicted on charges that they operated a drug ring in which the officers allegedly took drugs from suspects and passed them on to a relative to sell on the street.
  One of the officers, William E. Bailey, was acquitted on all charges and returned to work. However his partner, Charles F. Childs, was convicted of one count of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to 30 months, much of which he had already served while awaiting trial.
  Childs' wife, Dineah Childs -- who was also a Dayton police officer -- was convicted on four drug-related counts and sentenced to 8-40 years.
  Prosecutors said Dineah Childs provided drugs to her cousin, Orlando Pauley, who with others sold the drugs on the street.

Bailey with attorney John Rion after his acquittal Aug. 19, 1996.


2-13-1995 -- Charles Childs arrested.
6-21-1995 -- The Childs, Bailey and Pauley indicted.
8-19-1996 -- Bailey acquitted on all counts.
8-20-1996 -- Bailey returns to work.
10-4-1996 -- Charles Childs fired from the police department.
11-20-1996 -- Charles Childs pleads no contest to two charges.
12-3-1996 -- Charles Childs sentenced to 18 months for aggravated trafficking, six months for possession of acounterfeit controlled substance and one year for drug trafficking conspiracy.
12-12-1996 -- Charles Childs released.
3-21-1997 -- Dineah Childs' cousin, Sean Orlando Pauley, pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in apattern of corrupt activity and was placed on probation.
4-28-1997 -- Dineah Childs convicted on four counts.
5-21-1997 -- Dineah Childs sentenced to 8-40 years. She received two 4-to-15 year sentences for engaging in a patternof corrupt activity and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of corrupt activity,to be served concurrently but consecutive to another 4-to-15-year term forconspiracy to commit aggravated trafficking. She was also sentenced to 18 months on the lesser charge of conspiracy tocommit aggravated trafficking, to be served concurrently with the other sentences.

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