Infamous Indiana

I wrote versions of most of these to post on along with photo galleries (which were preferred by managers because they boosted pageview counts).

Later, for my own site, I made this project using a facing-page approach in which the left page scrolls with the narrative (without moving the overall page) and the links from the narrative open on the right-hand page.

That was, of course, before web design shifted to a mobile-first approach in which this type of design is no longer practical. But at that time, I was exploring how to work "above the fold" on a desktop screen and have users interact without scrolling.

Indy 500 Encyclopedia

The year 2011 was the 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and The Star decided to publish a book. Having managed three earlier book projects for the paper, I was tapped to manage this one as well. After it was published, I repurposed some of the material into an online project.

I built that using the Caspio database platform, but like all of our Caspio database projects, that one ceased to exist a few years later when the paper cancelled its Caspio account.

I saved what I could and rebuilt it here as a series of pages, but the database element is gone. In the original project, each link was a database search that produced more than just the encyclopedia pages preserved here. Below would be photos, scanned clippings and imbedded Youtube video that could be played on the page.


This site has been intentionally designed in basic HTML to enhance longevity. This page represents the History directory.