Short stories

These were all written in the 1990s when we lived in Dayton and I was part of a fiction writers group.

While We Waited for Jesus
Although I changed most of the details, this story reflects much of my experience going to a fire & brimstone church growing up.

Prometheus Downsized
As the title suggests, this is a modern-day retelling the Greek myth. There are, of course, several stories about Prometheus. I was mainly working from Shelley's "Prometheus Unbound." The characters of Iris, Ziegler and Dennis Gordon represent characters in that work.

Time and the Ancient Retailer
Again, the title reveals the literary work that the story is based on, but the origin of the story was an actual old man Kathy and I met at a restaurant. He just started talking to us when we came in and sat in our booth and kept talking throughout dinner. We realized he had dementia and played along. I got the idea to pair this with Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" in which the main character is compelled to tell his story to everyone he meets and "stoppeth one of three" who are on their way to a wedding party.

Trouble at the Hotel Grande
This started with a dream I had of the basic setting -- a life-sized dollhouse at an amusement park.



This is still a work in progress that I continue to tinker with, but I have a pretty complete draft posted here.

Voices of the Ruah
As is explained in the intro, this time-travel fantasy started with stories I used to tell my daughter.

The Boardwalk Bomber
I wrote this in the 1990s when I was with the Dayton writers group. It was my first completed novel.


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