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May 1999

5-1-1999 -- Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic agreed to release the three captured U.S. servicemen to the Rev. Jesse Jackson. U.S. and NATO officials welcomed the release but said it would not result in any letup in the airwar over Yugoslavia.
5-1-1999 -- Woody's Supermarket closed after 54 years in businessin West Carrollton.
5-3-1999 -- Baseball owner Hank Stickney announced that the new team's name will be the Dayton Dragons.
5-3-1999 -- Beavercreek High School basketball coach Larry Holden abruptly resigned. Neither he nor the school administration would give a public reason.
5-4-1999 -- A series of huge tornadoes hit Oklahoma City and other parts of the state.
5-7-1999 -- NATO bombers inadvertantly struck the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, killing three people and injuring about 20 more. NATO officials said the building had been misidentified on intelligence maps used in the attacks.
5-12-1999 -- In Russia, President Boris Yeltsin fired his prime minister and his entire government. It was the third such shakeup of Yeltsin's government in little more than a year.
5-12-1999 -- A week before the movie would open, thousands of Star Wars fans across the country lined up at movie theaters to buy advance tickets to "Episode One: The Phantom Menace," the long-awaited prequel to the popular 1970s sci-fi films.
5-14-1999 -- NATO bombs were blamed for striking a civilian convoy of ethnic Albanian refugees in Kosovo.
5-14-1999 -- Chris Fisher, a 13-year-old A-student at Wilbur Wright Middle School, committed suicide after a minor altercation after school. The youth, who had a college scholarship provided he maintained high grades and stayed out of trouble, may have believed he had lost the scholarship.
5-17-1999 -- Voters in Israel ousted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and elected in his place left-wing army hero Ehud Barak.
5-20-1999 -- In yet another school shooting, six students were injured at a high school in Conyers, Georgia. However, there were no deaths and investigators said the assailant seemed to have intentionally avoided fatal shots.
5-21-1999 -- A grand jury indicted Kevin L. Neal on kidnapping and murder charges in the 1997 deaths of his step-children, India and Cody Smith.
5-24-1999 -- State Auditor Jim Petro released an audit showing Dayton Public Schools facing a $14 million deficit.
5-25-1999 -- New York City police officer Justin Volpe pleaded guilty to the torture assault of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima. Volpe reversed his earlier not guilty plea after several fellow officers testified against him.
5-27-1999 -- Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was indicted for war crimes in Kosovo by the International Criminal Tribunal.
5-31-1999 -- Five Rivers MetroParks resumed using the "Duck" amphibious vehicles for river tours in the Dayton area. The WWII-era craft were used in 1997, but the park service had to stop using them until getting proper certification from the U.S. Coast Guard.

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