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1-1-1999 -- Snow and freezing rain hit the Miami Valley in the first big storm of the winter. It was also the beginning of what would be a two-week period of snow and ice storms that kept schools in the area closed most of that time.
1-1-1999 -- Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl, defeating Texas A&M.
1-7-1999 -- The impeachment trial of President Clinton began in the Senate with Chief Justice William Rehnquist being sworn in as judge and senators taking an oath to be impartial jurors.
1-8-1999 -- Former Olympic track hopeful Chris Nelloms was convicted of the rape of a 12-year-old girl.
1-11-1999 - Bob Taft was sworn in as Ohio's new governor.
1-12-1999 -- Test scores improved for Miami Valley students in the ninth-grade proficiency tests taken in October 1998.
1-13-1999 -- Michael Jordan announced his retirement from professional basketball. Jordan, considered the best to have ever played the game, led the Chicago Bulls to six world championships in the past decade.
1-19-1999 -- Despite the continuing impeachment trial, President Clinton appeared before Congress to deliver his State of the Union Address, calling on Congress to use most of the budget surplus to bolster the Social Security system.

Pope John Paul II with President Clinton in St. Louis.
1-22-1999 -- Campus police at Miami University said fingerprint tests implicated two black students in the recent posting of racist fliers at the university's Center for Black Culture and Learning. The two students, who had led protests over alleged hate crimes after the fliers were found last October, have withdrawn from the school.
1-26-1999 -- Pope John Paul II arrived in St. Louis. It was the 78-year-old pontiff's seventh and possibly last visit to the U.S.
1-28-1999 -- The board of the Dayton Museum of Discovery announced that its three-year capital campaign had exceeded its $8 milllion goal. By far the single largest donation was more than $5 million from Oscar Boonshoft, a retired Dayton engineer.
1/31/1999 -- Led by John Elway, the Denver Broncos won the 33rd Super Bowl.

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