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DDN series:
Opening Doors
Literacy in the Miami Valley

Part 1, published May 3, 1998: Fewer people are truly illiterate, but many still lack the reading and comprehension skills to achieve in a modern workplace.

Part 2, published May 4, 1998: High schools face an uphill battle not only teaching students how to read, but also in convincing them that reading can be fun.

Part 3, published May 5, 1998: For many people, overcoming literacy problems means overcoming the shame of admitting they can't read.

Part 4, published May 6, 1998: An East Dayton woman tries to break the cycle of literacy problems that has plagued her family for generations.

Part 5, published May 6, 1998: Dayton has the state's biggest GED test center, where high school dropouts can get a second chance.

Series contributors

Reporters: Tom Beyerlein, John Keilman, Lynn Hulsey

Photographer: Jim Witmer

Photo imager: Jim Fidler

Photo editor: Jeff Adams

Artists: John Hancock

Editor: John Erickson

Art director: MB Hopkins

Layout and design: Fred Kraus

Copy editor: Dennis Polite

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