Indianapolis Museum of Art, etc (1983-1986)

I was unemployed for about a month after moving to Indianapolis, picked up part-time work at the Columbia Club, then found a full-time job at the Library of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I had worked at the university library for most of my time at Kent and loved going to used bookstores. Libraries were among my favorite places.

At the IMA Library, my duties included keeping the stacks in order, filing new acquisitions in the card catalog, shelving Christie's and Southeby's auction catalogs and doing research for library members who typically submitted their requests by letter. I would then reply by letter with whatever information I had found.

It was around this time, about 1986, that Jenny and I broke up. Since I was the one who did the breaking I felt honor bound to help her financially as she was finishing up her master's degree and then transitioning to housing at the University of Chicago where she was going to get her doctorate. This is relevant to mention here only because in order to meet that additional financial burden, I got a second job at a Dalton Bookstore at the Lafayette Square Mall. Late in 1988, I heard about another library job -- at the Indianapolis Star and News.


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