Library CDs

  The library maintains several CDs on the network which you can use at your mac workstation.
  Most of these CDs require you to first install software on your mac before you can run the CD.
  Here are the CDs we have on the network and how to access them:


Facts on File

  This is a CD version of the Weekly Reports and annuals which the library has carried for years. But now with the CD you can search 15 years of Facts on File at one time.

How to use it


EXEGY is a current events encyclopedia which is updated bimonthly so it stays up-to-date.

How to use it

Street Atlas USA

Produced by DeLorme Mapping, "Street Atlas USA" starts with a map of the United States. You can zoom in to any point on the map until you can see street maps. You can also search on Place names.

How to use it

Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia

A product of Grolier's Electronic Publishing, Inc, this was one of the first multimedia encyclopedias. You can access text, photos, sound, and Quicktime video clips.

How to use it

Phone books on CD

  selectPhone is a five-disk set which provides residential and business telephone listings for all 50 states. This item is no longer available on the network because of licensing restrictions. However, the phone book CDs can be used in the library. Disks can be searched by name, city, street and zip code.

How to use it