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Websites we pay for you to use:

Note: some of these sites require passwords. You have to be connected to the newsvol1 server in order to access the password file.

About the site: This is the complete Nexis News Library, containing the full text of stories from the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and many other newspapers and magazines.
Searching: You can use the "topic" box to search for words that appear in the headlines and/or leads of stories. Use the "additional terms" box to search the complete text. You can deselect the headline/lead option and search anywhere in the text. See the search tips for how to do more complex searching.
Account information: We pay a flat monthly fee for this service, but there are no additional charges for search statements, time online or records viewed.
Who has access: All Editorial staff. See the library's password page for the password to these accounts

Electric Library
About the site:Electric Library contains many of the same newspaper and magazine sources as Nexis but a somewhat different mix. See Electric Library's content list to check for specific sources.
Searching: The standard search screen allows you to pick types of sources (newspapers, magazines, transcripts, books), or you can search by specific publication names, authors, etc.
Cost and access:The Library subscribes to EL and you incur no additional costs by using it. See our passwords page for the username/password. You can check a box on the login screen to save your password so you won't need to use it again at that machine.

Grolier's Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Americana
About the site:Companion encyclopedias, Grolier's is best for quick reference whilc EA tends to have more depth. Both works have been around for years in either book or CD form.
Searching: Searching is easy; both sites have help pages.
Cost and access:The library pays for access for all of DDN Editorial. There are no login prompts because the site recognizes valid DDN IP addresses.
Facts on File
About the site: This is the complete Facts on File Weekly Report from 1980 to present, a classic source for summaries of national and international news events.
Searching: There is a basic search form and an advanced form. There is an "online help" button for details on how to better control your search. Within each article there are hyperlinks to earlier articles on the same topic.
Cost and access:The Library pays an annual fee for your access to this site. However, you do need to use a login and password. See our passwords page for this information.

Business InSite and Consumer InSite
About the site: This is the Information Access Company database, which has been marketed for years on Dialog. Business InSite includes articles from business publications, and directory listings for many companies. Consumer InSite contains articles from general interest magazines.
Searching: This site is very easy to use. You can search by keywords, any word in the document and by overall topics. When you have a story displayed, take note of the topic headings displayed at left. These can lead you to related stories. In headline view different page icons represent full text, summary and accompanying photo.
Cost and access: The cost of this service is pre-paid by the library. There are no additional charges for using it.
  See our passwords file for the username and password to this site.