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  Internet directories are organized lists of websites compiled by human beings. Results are smaller, but often more accurate than with automated search engines. The premier directory site is Yahoo. You can a go straight to Yahoo or use the quicksearch from below.

  or try other directories.
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  Search engines use automated programs, often called "robots" or "spiders" to index much (but not all) internet content. We recommend Alta Vista because it generally ranks high in comparisons and has good online help for both the simple and advanced searches. For a quick Alta Vista search, use the form below:

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See below for links to peoplefinders, newsgroups, journalism sites, expert databases and other websites we recommend. And be sure to check out the list of web-based services to which we subscribe for you to use.

Other general directories:

Lycos Pointcast reviews
The Internet Newsroom
The Argos Clearinghouse
Britannica's Internet Guide
The Starting Point
The Awesome List
Magellan -- McKinley's Internet Directory
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Yahoo's directory of directory sites.


People finders:

Yahoo people finder


Deja News

Other search engines:

Open Text
Yahoo's list of search engines.

Meta-search engines:

  "Meta"-search engines send your query to several search engines at the same time and correlate the results for you. Here are some we recommend:

Highway 61
  You can see a current list at Yahoo's list of meta-search engines, or visit SearchEngine Watch to keep up to date on the latest search engine technology.

Reporter guides:

The Internet Newsroom
Poynter Research Center
CAR links page's "Beat Page"
Newsroom resources
Reporters' Internet Survival Guide
Newsies on the web
Dean Tudor's Megasources
News bureaus and organizations as listed in the WWW Virtual Library

Sources for sources:

ProfNet Experts Database
  (How to contact ProfNet)
J.F. K. School of Government
National Press Club
Yearbook of Experts
Martindale-Hubbel lawyer directory
SLA News Division sources page

Websites by topic

  Here are a few suggested websites organized by topic. This is only a small collection of sites we've been to or which have a local connection. For more comprehenive subject lists, see Yahoo or other directories.

The arts
Crime and justice
Entertainment & Popular Culture
Government & Politics
Health & Medicine

Websites we pay for:

  The library subscribes to several web-based services which are available for you to use. Some require passwords while others are set to recognize the IP addresses of computers used at DDN. Click on the links below to learn how to access these sites:

Grolier's Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Americana
Facts on File
Electric Library
IAC InSite

DNI websites: