Eric Smith
-- Englewood city manager accused of theft in office

   Englewood City Manager Eric Smith was acquitted 3-14-96 on charges of theft in office.
   His chief accuser was former Englewood Law Director Richard Holzer, who admitted billing the city for work he did on Smith's divorce. Holzer claimed Smith knew about and approved of the scheme.

DDN photo by Bill Reinke


    The fraudulent billings were discovered in February 1995. Holzer resigned his city post and was fired by his law firm, which reimbursed the city.
   Later that year county prosecutors approved Holzer's entry into a diversion program for first-time offenders, requiring him to make an admission of guilt in exchange for avoiding formal charges.
   Smith was indicted on 10-26-95 on one count of theft in office. His case came to trial in March 1996 with Holzer as the primary witness against him. Smith took the stand in his own defense and the jury believe him over Holzer.
   Smith's attorney in the case was Neil Freund. Laurence Lasky was the prosecutor.
File created: 3-14-96
Sources: DDN 3-14-96 -- "Jury acquits city manager"