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Orick, Abner
- former Dayton City Commissioner

  Abner Orick has served twice on the Dayton City Commision: for 10 years in the 1980s, and then a second time when he won a special election in 1996 to complete the term of Richard Zimmer.
  Orick, a Republican, has also served as director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.
  Orick lost his bid for re-election in 1997.

Background on Abner Orick

Born: 4-16-39
Address: 121 Sheringham Ct., Dayton, 45429
Family: wife, Judy; two sons.
Occupation: Owner of A-1 Trophy Co.; former county elections official, former Dayton city commissioner.
Party: Republican

  A resident of the Belmont neighborhood, where he has owned the A-1 Trophy Co since the early 1960s, Orick served on the Dayton City Commission for 10 years, until 1991 when he ran instead for Dayton Municipal Court clerk and lost.
  Afterwards, he became director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.
  In 1996 City Commissioner Richard Zimmer decided to resign from the commission before the completion of his term, forcing a special election. Orick ran for the post against three lesser-known candidates, and won with 6,902 votes compared to 4,517 for the second place finisher, Bill Evans. However, in 1997 Orick failed to retain his seat when two newcomers, Mary Wiseman and Lloyd Lewis won seats on the commission.

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