Ronald Lowe
-- Dayton police chief


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  Ronald Lowe Sr. started his police career in Dayton right after high school and rose in the ranks to major before leaving to become police chief in Chatham County, GA.

  He returned to Dayton in 1995 as chief.

Background on Chief Ron Lowe:

DOB: Dec. 5, 1944.
Salary: $88,000 (1997).

Police career:
Became a Dayton Police recruit soon after high school;
June 17, 1974 -- promoted to police officer
1980 -- became a special investigations detective.
1984 -- received the Distinguished Service Medal for preventing a suicide.
1985 -- promoted to patrol sergeant.
1987 -- promoted to major
1993 -- left Dayton to become chief in Chatham County, Ga.
1995 -- returned to Dayton as chief.
Community Policing and other innovations:  Lowe was a key proponent in the defensible space program to build barriersand speed bumps to halt crime in the Five Oaks neighborhood.
  Lowe implemented Dayton's first bicycle patrol unit, and in Chatham County,established the first community-based precincts.
  During his two years as chief in Chatham County, his department put officers in the junior high andhigh schools, developed a special unit on gang activity, formed a bombsquad and expanded its marine patrol.
   Lowe embraced the concept of community policing - as a wayof getting officers back in touch with the people they serve. "Youfix the street lights that are broken, get rid of the abandoned cars, dosomething about that dilapidated house," he said. "You work withevery department in the city.".
  In a 1997 Daily News profile by Janice Morse, Lowe was described as a "tough street cop" with unwavering support among rank and file officers. However, some on his command staff expressed discontent, saying Lowe did not provide sufficient leadership.
  The 1997 profile also included the following graphic showing notable achievements during Lowe's first two years as Dayton chief:

Family and personal issues: Lowe has been married four times. His first wife, Carolyn, died July 16, 1976 at age32, a few days after having a heart attack. They had four children; theoldest was 12 at the time of her death. Two other marriages ended in divorce. In June 1996 Lowe married Ann Levett, a Ph.D who serves as a team leader for the Dayton City Schools.
  In 1985 Lowe's three-year-old son was severely brain-damaged after nearlydrowning.
  Another son, Rodney, was indicted on narcotics charges in Florida in 1996.
  From May 1976 through March 1981, Lowe was suspended nine times for a totalof 38 days, usually for being late or absent. On Sept. 11, 1981, Lowe appearedto be drunk at roll call. Lowe entered treatment, taking a 58-day unpaidleave that was later declared a suspension.

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