Officer Jason Grossnickle
-- Dayton police officer killed in the line of duty

  Jason "Jake" Grossnickle was a third- generation police officer, joining the Dayton force in February 1996.
  But less than four months later, on May 23, 1996, Officer Grossnickle was shot and killed outside the 3rd District headquarters.
    He was pronounced dead at 4:14 p.m. at St. Elizabeth"s Hospital.
  Grossnickle, 25, was the son of Sgt. Larry Grossnickle and the grandson of Lyle Grossnickle.
  A second officer, Robert Cleaver, was wounded in the attack.
  The gunman was identified asMaurice Fareed, who moments earlier had killed a deliveryman at a West Dayton market. Fareed also died when other officers on the scene returned fire.

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