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About Dayton:

Downtown Dayton development
Bringing Baseball to Dayton
Riverfront Proposal

Early settlers
Jonathan Dayton
1913 Flood
Presidential visits to Dayton
1978 Blizzard

Buildings, landmarks:

The Arcade
Beaver Power Building
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Dayton Daily News building
DDN Print Technology Center
Mound plant
NCR Auditorium
Rike's - Lazarus building
Victoria Theatre
Woody's Market


1997 Miami Valley 50
1998 Miami Valley 50
1999 Miami Valley 50

1997 Dayton 100
1998 Dayton 100
1999 Dayton 100


Ohio School funding case
Dayton Desegregation history

Crime, justice & law enforcement:

Capital punishment in Ohio
Line of duty deaths
Police action shootings
Local homicide lists:
  1995, 1996, 1997

1977 - Oakwood teenager Beth Ann Mote abducted and killed.
1985 - Jenny Wilcox and Robert Dale Aldridge accused of molesting children in Huber Heights. The two were imprisoned 11 years before the alleged victims recanted.
1988 - railroad spike murder (David Lee Myers convicted)
1992 - Christmas killings (Marvallous Matthew Keene and others convicted)
1994 - Sloopy's Bar murders (Edmund Earl Emerick convicted)
1994 - Centerville teenager Rebecca Hopfer charged with murdering her newborn.
1995 - WSU official Frederick Gies accused of corruption.
1995 - Dayton police officer Jason Grosnickle murdered.
1995 - serial murders linked to Hamilton resident Glen Rogers
1995 - Dayton police officers arrested in corruption case.
1995 - murder of 4-year-old Samantha Ritchie
1997 - Wilmington shootout sparks hunt for Kehoe brothers.
1997 - Ohio state trooper Angela Watson shot.
1997 - triple-murder, arson (Antonio Franklin case)
1997 - Sunoco mini-mart shooting (Singleton-Agee charged)
1998 - Middletown resident James Lawson charged with the murder and dismemberment of Cheryl Ann Durkin.
1998: Two killed in a Valentine's Day shooting. James R. Taylor, 67, was charged with the murders and with the attempted murder of his estranged wife. He stood trial in 1999, choosing to serve as his own attorney, and was convicted and sentenced to death.
1998: Lynn Topp disappeared while jogging near her Darke home. Her body was later found buried on the property of Timothy Rodeheffer, 15 miles from her home.
1999: Nine-year-old Erica Baker disappeared while walking her dog in Kettering, apparently the victim of an abduction.


  The Dayton Daily News Library has prepared factfiles on the following local people in the news:

Aull, Marie -- naturalist, founder of Aullwood Center.
Baldridge, Jim -- WHIO-TV news anchor
Beattie, Leal
-- late DDN sports writer
Beerman, Arthur -- Founder of Elder-Beerman's
Bernardin, Cardinal Joseph -- late archbishop of Cincinnati and Chicago diocese
Blunden, Jeraldyne -- Founder and director of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
Boehner, John -- Congressman from southwestern Ohio.
Bombeck, Erma -- Humor columnist from Dayton
Bradley, Russell -- Sheriff of Greene County for 30 years.
Brown, Roger
-- former UD basketball star (deceased).
Capizzi, Tony -- former DaytonCommissioner, 1997 mayoral candidate.
Carroll, Timothy and Kathleen -- Adoptive parents investigated after suspicious child deaths
Coslet, Bruce
-- coach of the Cincinnati Bengals
Cox, James M. -- Former Ohio governor and founder of the Dayton Daily News
Daniels, Chris -- UD basketball star who died of a heart attack
Davis, Mickey
-- former DDN and JH columnist (deceased)
Davis, Willis "Bing" -- Dayton artist
Dayton, Jonathan -- namesake of the city of Dayton
Dugan, Donald -- America's first casualty in Bosnia
Emerick, Edmund Earl III -- convicted of Sloopy's Bar murders
Emm, Lou -- Dayton-area radio personality who died in 1997
Erwin, Duane L. -- CEO of Franciscan Medical Center
Estabrook, Bill -- Former Dayton city manager who sued the city over his dismissal.
Finn, Chester Jr. -- education policy expert, originally from Dayton
Flack, Harley -- president of Wright State University
Fraze, Ermal "Ernie" -- local inventor of pop-top beverage can
Garland, John W. -- president of Central State University.
Gieskes, Hans -- CEO of Lexis-Nexis
Gittleman, Neal -- conductor of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.
Glenn, John -- U.S. Senator from Ohio
Grossnickle, Jason -- Dayton police officer killed in the line of duty
Hall, Dave -- Mayor of Dayton, 1966-1970
Hall, Matt -- Son of Rep. Tony Hall; died of leukemia at 15.
Hall, Tony -- Congressman from Dayton.
Hall, Sam -- 1960 Olympic medal winner from Dayton
Hasenjager, Joe -- Former Dayton labor leader
Hollingsworth, Kathy -- president and CEO of National City Bank
Hollister, Nancy -- first woman governor of Ohio
Holmes, David -- CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds
Hopfer, Rebecca -- Teenager convicted of killing her newborn
Kessler, John -- Montgomery County judge
Kettering, Virginia -- philathropist
Lemmie, Valerie -- city manager of Dayton
Lewis, Lloyd Jr. -- Dayton City Commissioner
Lowe, Ronald -- Dayton Police Chief
McGee, James H. -- Dayton's first black mayor.
McGill, Jerrie -- former superintendent of Dayton Public Schools
Mershad, Frederick J. -- president and CEO of Elder-Beerman Stores.
Myers, David Lee -- Sentenced to death in 1988 railroad spike slaying
Nelloms, Chris -- One-time Olympic track hopeful convicted on rape charges.
Nyberg, Lars -- CEO of NCR Corp.
Nyerges, Alexander -- Director of the Dayton Art Institute
Orick, Abner -- Two-time Dayton City Commissioner.
Pero, Maureen -- Former interim Dayton City Manager; president of the Downtown Dayton Partnership
Rike, Frederick -- president of Rike-Kumler Co for 40 years.
Ritchie, Therressa Jolynn -- Convicted of killing her 4-year-old daughter
Rogers, Glen E. -- Hamilton native suspected in a series of murders.
Ross, Ted -- Broadway performer from Dayton
Schilling, Ed -- WSU basketball coach
Schott, Marge -- controversial owner of Cincinnati Reds
Schwarz, Hermene     -- co-founder of the Dayton Ballet
Schwarz, Josephine     -- co-founder of the Dayton Ballet
Smith, Eric -- Englewood city manager acquitted of theft in office.
Taft, Bob -- governor of Ohio.
Tatar, Jerome -- CEO of Mead Corp.
Turner, Mike -- Mayor of Dayton, 1993 --
Underhill, Ralph -- former WSU basketball coach
Voinovich, George -- U.S. Senator, former Ohio governor.
Walker, Johnny -- head of Hara Arena and former Channel 22 broadcaster
Wayne, Don
-- longtime Dayton WHIO newscaster
Whalen, Steve -- Dayton police officer killed in the line of duty.
Wilcox, M. Jenny -- freed after 11 years in prison for a crime that apparently never happened
Williams, James A. -- Dayton schools superintendent.
Williams, Tamika -- Chaminade-Julienne girls basketball star who went on to play college ball at the University of Connecticut.
Wiseman, Mary -- Dayton City Commissioner
Zickler, Robert -- Kettering Fire Chief

Dayton Daily News special projects

Who Will Care for Them?
Ohio's Elder Care Crisis
by Jim DeBrosse and David Gulliver
Published Dec. 5-8, 1999

Falling from the Sky
An investigation into military aviation accidents
by Russell Carollo
Published: Oct. 24 - 29, 1999

"Foster Care's Castoff Children"
by Debra Jasper and Elliot Jaspin
Published: Sept. 26-29, 1999

"Voices of History"
by John Keilman.
Published: Feb. 14-18, 1999

"Equal Work, Less Pay -- America's Rising Storm"
by Wes Hills, Rob Modic and Mike Wagner.
Published: Dec. 13-16, 1998

"Dog Days"
by Laura Dempsey
Published: Nov. 22-24, 1998 by Ellen Belcher.

"Opening Doors: Literacy in the Miami Valley"
by Tom Beyerlein and John Keilman.
Published: May 3-7, 1998

"Children of the Dream"
by Charlise Lyles, Angela Townsend and John Keilman.
Published: April 5-9, 1998

"Unnecessary Danger"
Published Oct. 5-11, 1997
by Russell Carollo and Jeff Nesmith
(winner of 1998 Pulitzer Prize)

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