News Events of 1998

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July 1, 1998 -- A crowd ofprotesters demanded that the city fire Police Officer Michael McDonald,who was videotaped using pepper spray on a fast food worker whom he claimedhad shortchanged him.

7-3-1998 -- InFlorida, tens of thousands of people fled from their homes as wildfiresspread.
7-6-1998 -- Cowboy entertainerRoyRogers died at 86.
7-7-1998 --A California jury found Ukrainian immigrant Mikail Markhasev guiltyof the murderof Ennis Cosby, son of entertainer Bill Cosby.
7-12-1998 -- First day of DDN series "Ridingthe Wave: Prosperity in the 90s"
7-14-1998-- A majority of the members of the Dayton Police SWAT teamresigned, protesting the appointment of Officer Monica Hunt, whomthey consider unqualified.
7-15-1998-- Montgomery County Coroner James H. Davis ruled the death of KelabMoreland a homicide by suffocation. The two-year-old grandchildof Regina Moreland was the fourthchild to die in the Moreland home.
7-25-1998-- Six inmates escaped from a privately run prisonnear Youngstown.
7-24-1998 -- Two policeofficers were shot to death at the U.S. Capitol building when a gunmantried to force his way inside while Congress was in session. Police arrestedRussell "Rusty" Weston, who was injured in the shootout.
7-24-1998-- Dayton Police officer Michael McDonald was firedby ChiefRon Lowe after an investigation into a Feb. 17 incident in which McDonaldused pepper spray on a fast food worker whom he believedshortchanged him.
7-26-1998 -- Threeracing fans were killed at the U.S. 500 in Michigan when a flamingtire was thrown into the stands after a crash.
7-28-1998-- General Motors and the United Auto Workers reached an agreementto end a 54-day strike.

7-28-1998 --Monica Lewinsky reportedly received full immunity in exchangefor her testimony in the investigation into President Clinton. Sources saidshe will say she and the president had a sexual relationship, but that hedid not ask her to lie about it.
7-29-1998-- President Clinton agreed to provide videotaped testimonyin the Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation.
7-30-1998-- Lawyers for 13 machinists from a Columubs suburb reported thatthe "Lucky 13" won the $295.7 million Powerball jackpot.

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