News Events of 1998

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October 1998


10-4-1998 -- In Beavercreek, police found a dead man at the Mallard Landing apartment complex after neighbors reported gunshots.

10-8-1998 -- The U.S. House of Representatives voted to begin an impeachment inquiry against President Clinton.
10-9-1998 - Valley View High School football player Jeptha Ead was killed in an auo accident.
10-9-1998-- The Dayton Art Institute announced the purchase of a 16th-Century Italian painting by Pier Francesco Bissolo. Museum Director Alex Nyerges called it "the most important piece to enter our European collecion in decades."
10-9-1998 -- John W. Garland was officially inaugurated president of Central State University. Garland took office last year, but delayed his formal installation as president while tackling re-accreditation and financial issues during his first year.

10-11-1998 -- UD baskeball player Josh Postorino decided to quit the team after the reappearance of a cyst on his brain. The 21-year-old said he hoped that by avoiding the stress of basketball conditioning to keep the symptoms of the cyst under control and avoid further surgery.
10-11-1998 -- City officials announced a $11 million renovation of the Beaver Power Building, which a group of California investors wished to convert into loft apartments.
10-11-1998 -- Downtown boosters gathered along the banks of the Great Miami River for a rally to kick off "Riverscape," the downtown riverfront redevelopment project.
10-12-1998 -- In Wyoming, college student Matthew Shepard, 21, died nearly a week after he was savagely beaten by two men who reportedly attacked him because he was gay. The murder sparked calls nationwide for stricter laws against hate crimes against homosexuals.
10-19-1998 -- Union leaders at General Motors Delphi brake plants in Dayton reached a tentative agreement which would keep the plants open until at least 2002, and which could make the troubled plants profitable and secure additional jobs over the next four years.
10-21-1998 -- The New York Yankees won the World Series, sweeping the San Diego Padres to culminate a 125-win season.
10-21-1998 -- Sources within Major League Baseball said Marge Schott has agreed to sell her majority interest in the Cincinnati Reds and that Managing Executive John Allen would remain in charge of the team.
10-24-1998 -- After nine days of negotiations, much of it personally mediated by President Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyaho and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat signed a peace agreement. Under the agreement Israel would withdraw from 13 percent of the West Bank in return for specific steps by the Palestinian Authority to combat terrorism.
10-29-1998 -- John Glenn went back to space aboard the space shuttle Discovery, 36 years after his original 1962 orbit.

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