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News events of 1996

July 1996

7-3-96 -- Eight people died in a fire at a fireworks store in Scottown which was started when a man with a history of mental problems allegedly lit a box of firecrackers in the crowded store. Scottown residents said the suspect, Todd Hall, 24, had suffered brain damage from a head injury when he was a teenager.
7-4-96 -- In a second firecracker-related tragedy in as many days, three people were killed in a fire which was started when a 13-year-old boy threw firecrackers through a broken window at 125 Kelly Ave. The victims, Linda Beckel and James and Odell Orrender, were known abusers of the inhalant Toluene, a flammable chemical found in paint thinner.
7-8-96 -- At Central State University students were evicted from a dormitory after they defied a state order to evacuate the building.
7-9-96 -- Gov. George Voinovich names six new trustees at Central State, after asking for the resignations of the previous board members.
7-9-96 -- Congress approves a 90-cent increase in the minimum wage.
7-10-96 -- Two state legislators call for the resignation of interim CSU President Herman B. Smith Jr.
7-15-96 -- Rebecca Hopfer went to prison, more than a year after she was convicted of killing her newborn child. The Centerville teenager had been allowed to remain free pending appeal.
7-16-96 -- Banc One announced it will move 1,000 workers from downtown to the DESC site in Kettering. The jobs were in the bank's private label credit card business.
7-17-96 -- TWA Flight 800 exploded shortly after takeoff at Kennedy Airport in New York and crashed into the Atlantic off Long Island killing all aboard. Terrorism was immediately suspected, but months of investigation produced no evidence of a bomb.
7-19-96 -- 1996 Olympics began in Atlanta.
7-24-96 -- CSU Interim President Herman B. Smith was fired by the new Central State Board of Trustees.
7-26-96 -- A bomb exploded at Centennial Park in Atlanta, where thousands had gathered for live music and celebration during the Olympic Games. Two people died - one from injuries and the other of a heart attack. Among the hundreds injured were two young men from Yellow Springs..
7-30-96 -- FBI investigators confirmed that their top suspect in the Atlanta bombing is security guard Richard Jewell, who had been hailed a hero for discovering the bomb. Jewell would remain a suspect for several months, though no evidence was produced linking him to the bombing.

August 1996

8-1-96 -- Ohio Governor George Voinovich announced he did not wish to be considered as a possible running-mate for GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole.

The Concorde supersonic jet made its second visit to Dayton, landing at Dayton International Airport. The British Airways jet last landed in Dayton in May 1986.

In the Olympics, Dan O'Brien won the decathlon and the U.S. women's soccer team won gold.

8-2-96 -- Congress ends its session with passage of the Kennedy-Kassenbaum health care bill and a raise in the minimum wage.

In the Olympics the U.S. won gold in synchronized swimming, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee won a bronze in the long jump, the sixth and final medal of her Olympic career.

U.S. Sen. John Glenn announced he had finally retired the campaign debt accumulated in his 1984 run for president

8-3-96 -- U.S. Olympic track legend Carl Lewis was turned down in his bid to join the men's 4x100 relay and the U.S. team lost to Canada.
8-4-96 -- After 16 days and 271 events, the Atlanta Olympic Games came to a close. All 197 invited nations sent teams and a record 79 countries took home medals. The U.S. won the medals race, accumulating 101 medals, 44 of them gold.
8-5-96 -- GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole announces his 15-percent tax cut plan, which is immediately criticized by economists.

A California jury recommends execution for Richard Allen Davis, who was convicted of the abduction and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klass.

8-6-96 -- NASA revealed they have found evidence past life on Mars. Scientists found fossilized bacteria in a meteorite which originated on Mars.
8-9-96 -- GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole picked Jack Kemp to be his running mate.
8-12-96 -- The GOP convention opened in San Diego.

Valerie Lemmie was sworn in as Dayton's new city manager.

8-14-96 -- James Crowfoot resigned as president of Antioch University. Details were not disclosed, but some officials said Crowfoot was forced out.
8-15-96 -- Bob Dole gives his acceptance speech at the GOP convention.
8-17-96 -- A military plane crashed minutes after takeoff from a Wyoming retreat where President Clinton was vacationing. The C-130 cargo plane was carrying a secret service agent, a car used by security personnel in presidential motorcades, and an Air Force crew of eight. All aboard were killed.
8-20-96 -- Abner Orick won a special election to complete the term of Richard Zimmer on the Dayton City Commission.
8-26-96 -- The Democratic National Convention gets underway in Chicago while President Clinton rides a campgain train through the Midwest.

8-27-96 -- Rep. Tony Hall addresses the Democratic convention.

8-29-96 -- Elder-Beerman Stores Corp filed a lawsuit to block a possible takeover bid from Carson Pirie Scott & Co, a Midwestern department store chain.

President Clinton gave his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Earlier in the day, however, Clinton's top political adviser, Dick Morris, abruptly resigned because of news reports linking him to a prostitute.

September 1996

9-3-96 -- U.S. missiles attacked Iraq to punish Saddam Hussein for recent aggression against the Kurds in northern Iraq.
9-5-96 -- GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole visited Dayton, promoting school choice at a round-table discussion the next morning with students and teachers at Dayton Christian High School.
9-11-96 -- Former Elder-Beerman executive Barry Miller was arrested in a suburban Cincinnati bank robbery.
9-12-96 -- Warren County Engineer Craig R. Pendleton was indicted on charges of theft in office and records tampering following a grand jury investigation of how county construction contracts were awarded in 1993 and 1994.
9-14-96 -- Elections in Bosnia were conducted peacefully and in accordance with the Dayton Peace Accords. Results were not immediately known, but three days later it was announced that Alija Izetbegovic received the most votes. He will head a three-man presidency that also includes Serb hard-liner Momcilo Krajisnik and Croat nationalist Kresimir Zubak.
9-16-96 -- Former Beavercreek resident Micah Papp surrendered to Greene County officials to face probation violation charges. Papp had appeared on David Letterman as "Manny the Hippy" and was spotted by Greene County authorities.
9-17-96 -- CSU Trustees appoint business school dean Charles Showell to serve as acting president of Central State.
9-18-96 -- Dayton resident John Sanders Johnson was shot and killed by Dayton Police Detective Harry R. Tullis after a chase which began when Tullis and his partner stopped Johnson for questioning at the Arlington Courts housing project.

Another teen suicide stunned Beavercreek. Joshua Baker,16, was found in his mother's car after he apparently shot himself.

9-21-96 -- John F. Kennedy Jr. was married in a top-secret ceremony to longtime girlfriend Carolyn Bessette.
9-24-96 -- A Preble County man and his 3-year-old daughter were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide at the Rush Run Wildlife Area near Camden. Investigators said Jeffrey Lee Howard, 39, shot his daughter Kelsey and then shot himself.

Ruth Rosenfeld died of cancer at 63. She was the wife of Arnold Rosenfeld, who was editor of the Dayton Daily News in the 1970s and 1980s.

9-25-96 -- First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Dayton for a panel discussion at Children's Medical Center.

The board of trustees at Miami University voted to drop the "Redskins" nickname, which is considered offensive by local Native American groups.

9-26-96 -- Local law enforcement officers seized more than $990,000 in cash in a drug bust on Hoover Ave. It was the single largest seisure of cash in a Dayton-area drug raid.

U.S. astronaut Shannon Lucid returned to earth after a record 188 days in space aboard the Russion space station Mir.

9-27-96 -- Baltimore Oriole Roberto Alomar spit in the face of an umpire during a confrontation at home plate.

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