Police action shootings

July 7, 1999 -- Alonzo Freeman, 19, was shot and wounded by Dayton police at Arlington Courts apartments. Officers Michael August and Michael Robinson were wounded in the shootout, which occurred as the officers were arresting Freeman's uncle in one of the apartments.
March 10, 1999 -- Trotwood police shot Timothy J. Thomas, a suspect in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old boy. Thomas survived the shooting, but was paralyzed below the waist. The officers involved were cleared by a grand jury.
April 25, 1998 -- Trotwood Police shot and killed Anthony O. Carmichael near the Salem Mall after Carmichaelshot Leonard McIntyre.
March 27, 1998 -- Rahshaan Madden was shot outside Dayton's Fifth District police headquarters building after he approached the building and fired shots at officers, who returned fire. Madden was not seriously injured and was later sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Oct. 29, 1997: Dayton police Officer Monica Hunt shot Thomas Edward Johnson, 54, of 3394 Arlene Ave., after Johnson picked up a knife and advanced on police. Johnson recovered from a gunshot wound to the arm.
Aug. 22, 1997 -- Dayton Police Officer Rick J. Smith shot and killed Christopher Bacher outside the home of Bacher's mother. Witnesses at the scene said Bacher was armed with a knife. Bacher emerged from the house and lunged at Smith, who fired. Police later said Bacher did not have the knife when he was shot.
July 27, 1997 -- Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Angela R. Watson exchanged gunfire with a hitchhiker on I-70 in Preble County. Watson was wounded and the hitchhiker, George Snyder, was killed. A medical exam determined that Snyder killed himself with a gunshot to the head after being wounded by Watson.
June 18, 1997 -- Two undercover Dayton police exchanged gunfire with a pair of masked men who attempted to rob them. No one was injured in the shooting, and afterwards about 30 police and SWAT officers cordoned off a 10-block area and eventually arrested two suspects.
Sept. 19, 1996: -- John S. Johnson, 44, was shot and killed by Dayton police Detective Harry R. Tullis.
Feb. 15, 1997: State troopers in Wilmington made a routine traffic stop, but found themselves in a shootout with two men who then fled the scene and escaped. Police later identified the wanted men as Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe, residents of Washington state with connections to white-supremacist groups. The Kehoe brothers were at large for four months before being apprehended in June 1997.
May 23, 1996: Maurice Fareed, 24, shot to death after he killed Officer Jason Grosnickle. Officers involved: Frank Glander, David Williams, Darryl Letlow and Robert Cleaver.
Jan. 19, 1995: Matthew S. Plummer, 26, was shot to death. Officers involved: Matthew Carper and Mark Salyer
Dec. 5, 1993: Brian Keith Kelly, was shot. Officers involved: Jonathan Seiter, Scott Carico and Lyn Dunkin.
March 31, 1994: One person was wounded by a shotgun blast to the hand during a SWAT team raid on an apartment in the 800 block of Easton Street.
June 15, 1993: Marlon D. Bowen, 14, was shot to death. Officer involved: Bruce A. Osborn.
Aug. 7, 1992: Phillip Anthony Garrison, was shot. Officer involved: Raymond Martin.
March 16, 1992: Donald R. Kelly was shot. Officer involved: Robert L. Ward.
June 26, 1991: Norman R. Hughes, 26, and Norman Napier, 18, were shot to death. Ataul Shafeek and Rodger Martin were wounded. Officers involved: Michael A. Thomas and Peter J. Bogumill.
Sept. 15, 1988: Lawrence E. Hileman, 53, shot to death. Officer involved: Roger W. Waller.
Feb. 25, 1987: Miami County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Elliott, 36, was shot at Stouder Memorial Hospital in Troy. Elliott was shot with his own gun by a hospitalized prisoner, James L. Brown, 33, who fled and was killed in a Kentucky shootout.
Jan. 21, 1987: Morrow Officer Jeff Phegley, 22, was shot after stopping Anthony Wayne McIntosh for speeding.
Library note:
  A "police action shooting" is one in which an officer fires his or her weapon. By some definitions this would includean accidental discharge in which no one is injured. For the purposes of this list a police action shooting is one in which an officer fires his or her weapon and hits someone.
  This list does not include incidents in which the officer was shot but not the suspect. See our file on line of duty deaths for a list of fallen officers.