Dayton homicides - 1997

  Library note: This list was originally created and maintained by DDN police reporters during 1997 and was copied to the library factfiles at the end of the year. The original list remains available in NEWSVOL1 under Briefings-Sources-Homicides.

35. Dec. 30: Dion Foster Stinson, 23, at large, found shot in the head at 963 Gard Ave.

33 and 34. Dec. 21: Delmer Unum, 77, and Helen Unum, 70. They were shot to death at their home, 3909 Kittyhawk Dr. Their grandson, Dion Sanders, has been charged with 2 counts of agg murder.

31 and 32. Dec. 4: Dennis Hammond, 44, and Jose B. Zavala, 26, were killed during a shootout at 1548 Chapel St. Police believe Zavala and another man, David Bogart, were trying to rob the house, where Hammond's two sons live. Bogart and another woman, Pamela K. Strong, were charged.

30. Nov. 26. Dawanna Kirkland, 25, found dead in a car diftched at Gelsey and Nancy Ave.

29. Nov. 3: Theodore McMahon, 50, of 51 Whitmore Ave., was found outside his house with a gunshot wound to his forehead. Died on Nov. 4 at Franciscan Medical Center.

28. Oct. 11: Karl Banks, 29, of 8020 Bellcreek Lane, Trotwood was found shot to death in the basement of a house he owned at 202 Santa Clara Ave., where he had been doing remodeling. No suspects.

27. Oct. 2: Robert L. Skyles, 56, of 155 Fillmore St., was beaten to death with a table leg. Merle J. Karnes, 18, 162 Fillmore St., was arrested. Karnes said he argued with Skyles over stolen beer.

26. Sept. 9: David Joseph Voshall, 47, found dead at 44 Springfield St. Daniel Mark Prater, 28, of 82 S. Harrison St. arrested later that day.

25. Aug. 22: Christopher L. Bacher, 26, of West Carrollton shot to death by Dayton police Officer Rick Smith outside Bacher's mother's house, 2929 Wayland Ave.

24. Aug 15: Jesse Spurlock II, 20, of 33 Drummer St., died at Miami Valley Hospital after being shot once in the chest at his girlfriend's home, 937 Colwick Drive, Apt. B. The girlfriend, Cheryl Dawn Aikins, 24, was arrested.

23. Aug 6: Roderick "Roger" Clemons, 29, of 1912 Larkswood Drive. Found dead of gunshot wound to the head. May have been killed Aug. 2 or 1.

22. Aug 5: Keith Woods, 31, of 39 Eddie St. Shot in the head while sitting in his car, which was parked outside of his home.

21. July 18: Jamell Grooms, 20, of 5146 Weddington Drive, Trotwood. Pronounced dead at Franciscan Medical Center after being shot in the torso at 611 Piqua Place. Kenneth A. Revere, 20, indicted on one count of aggravated murder.

20. July 12: Steven Bentley, 28, of 601 St. Nicholas Ave. Shot in the head while shooting target practice with a handgun in his basement. Steven O'Neal, of 1415 Creighton Ave., was charged with negligent homicide.

19. June 15: Jeffrey A. Brooks, 36, of 2421 W. Second St. Brooks died at Franciscan Medical Center after being shot several times at his house, the site of a Father's day celebration. His daughter, Anntoinette L. Brooks, 18, of 5004 Prescott Ave., was arrested at the scene and charged with murder.

18. June 6: Barry McClure, 20, found dead behind 1635 Kings Mill Court. Coroner said he died of strangulation.

17. May 30: George Robinson, 52, of 3945 Prescott Ave. died of multiple gunshot wounds during a hostage situation at 1571 Sundale Ave. Bruce Randolph Champion and Lloyd James Jackson, both 456, were arrested June 4 in Covington, Ky.

16. May 9: Paul Metz, 31, at large, died of gunshout wound from situation at 131 Kelly Ave., #1. Edward Taylor and Tyuanna Landers arrested in Cincinnati hospital.

15. May 2: Willie H. Buford, 74, of 430 Verona Road. Found beaten to death at his home. Robert Earl "Bubba" Jones, 37, arrested May 3 in Coumbus while in Buford's car.

14. April 29: Nancy A. Beam, 32, shot in the head after a drug deal gone bad. William G. Hawkins, 16, arrested.

13. April 21: Eric Maxwell, 26, 2321 Rustic Road, rear lot. Handgun.

10,11,12/ April 18: Beaten bodies of Ivory Franklin, 75, Ophelia Franklin, 71, and Anthony W. Franklin, 39, were discovered during a house fire at 39 Riegel St. Ophelia Franklin had also been shot in the head. Antonio Sanchez Franklin, 18, Ivory and Ophelia's grandson, was arrested. Charges: 1 count aggravated murder, 2 counts murder, 1 count aggravated arson. (townsend)

9. March 17: 1221 N. Gettysburg, Damon Goodall, 23, handgun.

8. March 6: 205 W. Hudson, Brett Horne, 22, killed with a gun. WHO ARRESTED?

7. March 1: James Safreed, 32, of 780 Troy St., was beaten with a ball bat. Mark Williams, 28, was arrested.

6. Feb. 22: Gary Forsythe, 52, of Roland Circle, died after traffic accident. Learned he had been shot before his car crashed. Edward Shondall Robinson, 20, of 5033 Well Fleet Drive, Trotwood, was arrested Feb. 27.

5. Feb. 15: Steven Collins, 19, was shot in his car in a drive-by shooting on Gettysburg at Freudenberger. Billy Hall and Scott Hampton arrested.

4. Feb. 12: Tony Bennett, 19, was shot at 1709 W. Grand Apt. 1 during ongoing feud between 2 groups. LaRue Bailey, 22, was injured. Warrant arrested involuntary manslaughter and felonious assault William L. Pointer, 18, was arrested in Columbus. Determining whether waiving extradition.

3. Jan. 18: Clifford Owensby, 37, was shot at 1910 W. Riverview, where he was apparently doing a car repair. James Winston, 55, was arrested. Second suspect arrested but released.

2. Jan. 10: Anthony Dyer, 16, was found dead, frozen & nude alongside Wolf Creek near Summit Courts. Said to be gang-related. Two juveniles charged in his death: Christopher O. Campbell, who turned 18 after the alleged crime and Kioyoko Givens, 16. Death was ruled homicide by blunt force trauma to the head.

1. Jan. 4: Stephina Jackson, 38, of Trotwood, (male) was stabbed just after midnight in the alley behind 123 Grosvenor Ave., died before medics arrived....arrested Robert V. Frost, 32, of 111 N. Plaza (Dayton) turned himself in. Frost was charged with murder.