This file was compiled by Janice Morse and other crime reporters during 1996. The 1997 list can be found in the "homicides" folder of "Briefings & Critiques." This file was copied over to the library factfiles section on 1-24-97. Changes made after that date regarding arrests,etc, can be found in the original file.


*FYI, peak years of killings: 1973, 105; 1974, 100; Low year: 1990, 34. Average is around 50 per year.
*1995 homicides: 42; 1994 homicides: 59. Detailed listings for those years are contained in documents called killed95 and killed94.

45. Dec. 2: Jarels Dillon, 54, 1013 Xenia Ave., suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. Body found Dec. 3 in wooded area of Pike County. Police arrested his wife, Tracey Dillon, 29, voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence; John Alford, 49, of 520 Pritz, tampering with evidence; on 1/6/97 also arrested Debbie Hammond arrested Monday 1/6 on indictment warrant five counts of tampering with evidence and four counts of obstructing justice.
44. Oct. 30: Edith Morehead? sp, 40, at rear of Hickorydale School.
43. Oct. 30: Forrest McKinney, 64, at Linda Vista & Niagara.
42. Oct. 18: Virginia Ritchie, 67, at 1251 Harker Ave.
41. Oct 15: Jacque Olverson, 28, of 468 Brookside Drive, was shot in the chest while in front of 3673 Otterbein Ave.
40. Oct. 4: Eugene Hagins,sp?, 38, of 324 E. Helena. Rosetta Spears, girlfriend, arrested.
39. Oct. 2 DaVon Perkins, 2, died at Childrens from a fractured skull. His mother, Rozanne, 27, of 405 Hall Ave. has been indicted on one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of child endangering.
38. Sept. 29: Chico J. Pinson, 15, of 2219 W. Second St. Found dead in an alley from a gunshot wound in the chest. It's the same alley where Hakeem Postell was killed. There was a suspect in custody on 10/1, need to know what happened.
37. Sept. 18: Michael Hatfield, 40, of Dayton, dies at MVH, 11 days after he was torched at Pappy's Bar, 2507 E. Fifth St. He was doused w/ kerosene and lit on fire, suffering burns over 85 percent of his body. Joseph Saylor, no known address, indicted.
36. Sept. 17: John E. Johnson, 44, of 120 N. Gettysburg Ave. shot to death by police at 41 N. Hatfield. Officer Harry R. Tullis was later cleared.
35. Aug 30: Hakeem Postell, 16, of 145 N. Decker Ave., was shot in an alley near where Gettysburg and West Third intersect. Postell, who was shot in the head, died at Good Sam later that evening. Kyle Lavan Mott, 22, of 110 N. Gettysburg indicted.
34. Aug. 22: Terry L. Moore, 34, of 34 Whispering Drive, Trotwood, known as "T," was pronounced dead at Franciscan Medical Center just after 11 a.m. About an hour earlier, he had been shot in a confrontation with a man police identified as Larry D. Houston.
   Houston was taken to the Montgomery County Jail on Thursday, his 41st birthday. Dayton police say they will ask prosecutors to file a murder charge against Houston today.
   Police said Moore had come to Houston's residence at 3364 Delphos Ave. a short time before the shooting. The two men been involved in a dispute over a vehicle for the past several days, police said, and both men were carrying guns.
33. Aug. 7: Joycelyn Smith, 43, 614 Superior Ave., Apt. 6; Ricky Lee Carter, 40, was arrested on charges of murder and aggravated arson.
32. July 21: Tonya Lewis, 22, was found dead outside Lou's Broaster Hut, 2936 W. Third St. On July 24, cops arrested Nadine Brown, 39.
31. July XX: Michael Crishon's April 24 death was ruled a homicide. He died in a fire at the former Bottoms Up tavern. The fire was determined to have been set by his companion, who also perished in the blaze.
30. July 13: Timothy Krimm, 32, shot outside his home on 713 Hart St. around 5 a.m. His brother Mark was also injured.
29. July 12: Julian C. Elmore, 18, was shot in the chest at 3714 Roland Circle shortly before midnight
28: Foustina Burns,36, whose body was found July 5 in a wooded area near Powell and Rip Rap roads.
25-27: July 4: James Orrender, 40, his brother Odell Orrender, 38, and Linda Beckel, 34, were killed July 4 in an apartment fire at 125 Kelly Ave. A 13-year-old boy, Travis Focht, was arrested for delinquency by reason of involuntary manslaughter. He threw firecrackers through the window.
24. July 3: Jason Harrison, 19, was shot at 1429 Wyoming. Warrant issued for Jim Burns, who is also a suspect in no. 28.
23. June 29: Louis Fields, 61, as found about 11:20 p.m. with a gunshot wound to the head outside his Dayton home. Fields was a community activist who opposed landfills within the city's borders.
22. June 17: Derrick L. Tyson, 15, was shot to death near the side door of his house in a shooting police say was related to "gang wannabees." He was walking home at 2 a.m. from a family barbeque just around the corner, when a carload of guys approached him and asked what gang he belonged to. He said he didn't belong to a gang. Words were exchanged and then they beat him and shot him in the head. Cops were looking for four juveniles and one adult.
21. June 15: Mark Anderson, 22, 3401 Valorie Arms Apt. D., Dayton, shot at 3:50 a.m. in parking lot at Marable's Party House, 4527 Germantown Pike in Dayton. Died 4:28 a.m. at St. Elizabeth.
20: June 4: Dat T. Do, 20, of 719 Cypress Drive, Fairborn, was stabbed to death at 514 Mount Crest Court at 10:45 p.m. Police arrested 17-year-old Loc Vinh Le. The pair had been arguing over a girlfriend.
19. May 24: Charles Oldham, 36, of 1365 1/2 Seminole, Springfield, died at Community Hospital in Springfield. Died of penetrating gunshot wound of the back. Occurred June 16, 1992, at Yuma Place and North Williams Street. suspect was Dellreece Chivers, 23, supposed to go direct to grand jury.
16,17,18: May 23: Brian Catron, 31, of Middletown; Dayton Police Officer Jason Grossnickle, 25; and Maurice Shaeeq Fareed, 24, were killed by gunshot wounds. Police say Fareed shot Catron in the head at a West Dayton market (Diouf's) before driving to Third District police headquarters and shooting Grossnickle. Police returned gunfire, killing Fareed. The incidents occurred around 3:15 p.m.
15. May 22: Stanley Mesarosh, 32, of 252 McClure St., died at Miami Valley Hospital, after he was hit by a car and struck his head on a curb the previous evening. His live-in girlfriend, Terie (CQ) Lynn Strunk, 29, was arrested.
14. May 18: Mark Matczynski, 25, of Xenia was found at 1:10 a.m. in the street at 325 Paul Laurence Dunbar St. He was pronounced dead at 2:02 a.m. at Grandview Hospital.
13. May 15: Raymond Grimme, Jr., 31, of 2670 N. Main St., was found dead from stabbing wounds at 34 Richmond Ave. A suspect has been arrested.
12. May 8: Billy E. Williams, 46, died at Miami Valley Hospital, six days after he was stabbed in the chest. The stabbing occurred at his home, 819 Boone Place, on May 2.
   Police arrested Robin Owens of 4830 Dugger Road for the crime. Prosecutors on Thursday approved a charge of involuntary manslaughter against Owens.
   Investigation revealed that Owens was angry at Williams over some remarks he allegedly made about her, said Dayton Police Lt. John Huber.
11. May 2: Ernest Ayers, 22, was shot in the chest while sitting in a car with several other people. Anthony D. Brown, 20, was arrested.
10. April 9: Ronald W. Woodley, 31, robbed and shot to death at his home, 441 Dakota St.
9. April 6: A homeless man, David Burton, 54, was found dead at an East Fourth Street warehouse at St. Clair. The death was ruled a homicide by blunt trauma to the head.
8. March 14: Chrissy Veal, 17, died at St. E's after being stabbed in the chest in the middle of the street; a Dunbar High schoolmate was arrested. (16-year-old Kajena Boykin)
7. March 1: Jeffrey Stokes, 28, died at Grandview. He had been hit during a fight on 24th at 149 Cambridge, where he was visiting friends. Maurice Morgan was arrested on the 24th; upgraded to involuntary manslaughter.
6. Feb. 4: Billy Vance, 25, of 952 Iola, was shot at his home at 9:45 p.m. Feb. 3 in the head. Andre Sinkfield and others arrested.
5. Jan. 23: Robert W. Wilcox, 41, 142 S. Alder St., Dayton, was found shot in the head, lying on a sidewalk in the 3200 block of McCall Street after police received a report of a shooting at 1:18 a.m.; he was pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center at 1:56 a.m. Three people arrested, M. Benjamin, Ladon Johnson, Eric Bell.
4. Jan. 11: LuQunna L. Haywood, 22, of 1723 Riviera Court, was found dead at her home, along with her apparently uninjured 6-month-old son. Her neighbor, Theresa Lynn Campbell, turned herself in at 5th District Police Headquarters. Haywood died from multiple stab wounds; ruled a homicide on Jan. 12.
3. Jan. 6: Jerrica Leak, 2, died after her brother, age 6, accidentally shot her in the chest after playing with a gun he found under a coffee table. No charges filed as of 1/12.
2. Jan. 1: Jaclyn Clark, 41, of 400 Hickory St., Apt. 2, died at Miami Valley Hospital. She had been critically injured in a fire at her home on Dec. 27. The fire was ruled arson; her death was ruled a homicide.
1. Jan. 1: William Wilhoit, 26, of East Dayton, was shot outside 110 Boltin St. He died at Miami Valley Hospital. Coroner ruled Jan. 2 that he died from a gunshout wound to the back of his right shoulder. Franklin police on Jan. 13 arrested John Vanderpool, 36, of 153 Boltin St. Dayton p.d. had obtained a warrant for his arrest, saying the pair had argued in Butch's Bar at 61 Boltin.