Dayton Homicides - 1995

This list was compiled by DDN police beat reporters, principally Janice Haidet Morse. The 1996 homicide list can be found in the Homicides folder of Briefings & Critiques in Public Volume 1

1. Jan. 1 -- Judith Scott,age?, died at Good Samaritan Hospital and Health Centerafter being shot in the head Dec. 31 at her home, 928 Westwood Ave. Her son,Christopher Scott, 21, has been charged with felonious assault. A grand jury willdecide whether to charge him with murder, a Dayton homicide detective said. Thedetective would not comment on the possible motive in the shooting.
2. Jan. 21 -- Eric D. Johnson, 24, of 1592 Woodman Drive, Apt. 8, was stabbed in thechest and back at 3 a.m. at Rondowa and Floral Home avenues, while fighting over awoman. A friend drove him to a relative's home at 207 Elverne Ave., Riverside, wherehe died. David L. Pelfrey, 23, was arrested about 4 p.m. near Middletown on chargesof involuntary manslaughter.
3. Jan. 25 -- Matthew Plummer, 26, of 2514 Newcastle Drive, Dayton, died at MiamiValley Hospital as a result of injuries he suffered when shot by Dayton Police OfficersMark Salyer, 30, and Matthew Carper, 26, after a short chase Jan. 19. The officers saidthey shot at Plummer because he ran his car into them.
4. Feb. 1 -- Robert Ward, 39, of 39 Central Ave., Apt. 212, was stabbed to death atabout 4:53 a.m. His roommate, Kelvin Alonzo Willis, 25, who was still at the scenewhen police arrived, was arrested and charged.
5. Feb. 4 -- Chad Prikkel, 21, of 12 Naas Pl., Old North Dayton, was found on the streetat Warner Ave. and Rita St. Thurs. night, Feb. 2. with a head injury. First he said he washit by someone, then he said he fell. Prikkel died at MVH 8:37 p.m. Feb. 4 and thecoroner's office deferred a ruling. Homicide investigating as a suspicious death.Arrested 17-year-old David Brunsman of 8 Sander Court on Feb. 9.
6. Feb. 17 -- Donny Terry Jr., 21, of 61 York St., Dayton, was found shot in his car atRiverview Avenue and Easton Street, taken to Grandview Hospital and MedicalCenter, where he was pronounced dead, at about 8:50 p.m. The car had crashed intoa utility pole; he was alive at the time crews took him from the scene, and apparentlydied on the way to the hospital.
7. March 4 - James Keith Henley, 23, of 1600 Dietzen Ave., fatally stabbed atWisconsin and Edwin C. Moses Blvd. Arrested Glenn E. Mahaffy, 24. Ruled homicide;grand jury declined to indict.
8. March 11 -- Vincent Taylor, 45, died at Grandview Hospital and Medical Centerafter being shot near Superior and St. Agnes about 11:11 a.m.
9. March 12 -- Duane L. Barber, 26, of 3100 Ralliston, DOA at Good Samaritan, shot inhead at Northern Hills Car Wash, 3115 N. Gettysburg shortly after 5 p.m. in gunfightwith two black males who arrived there after him. Two black male suspects, ages 22and 26, arrested later at another location on murder charges. They were releasedpending further investigation. possible self-defense.
10. March 16 -- Dwight R. Brandon, 24, of 2302 Wayne Ave., at 9:10 p.m. at 45Mumma Ave. Arrested Timothy Mootyo19, who admitted shooting Brandon during anargument at Mumma Avenue address. Charged with murder.
11. March 18 -- Ralph Bowling, 61 or 62?, 1903 E. Third St., stabbed to death by hisroommate, Gerald J. Price, 46.
12. March 24 -- Richard T. Burgan, 22, of 767 Edgemont Ave., was shot at 11:52 p.m.March 23 at his home; his girlfriend, Tawanda Lee, 22, was shot in the foot. Burgandied at 12:24 at St. E's. Twins from Miamisburg, Micah T. Rinehart and Josiah D.Rinehart, both 18, and Antwuan M. Middlebrooks, 19, of Dayton, were arrested.
13. March 25 -- Daniel Scales, 18, no address listed, died at 11:35 p.m., after beingshot in the head in the driveway of 18 Federal. A 17-year-old male, last name Boyd,was arrested.
14. April 8 -- Nolan Beans Jr., 49, died after a scuffle with managers at the downtownMcCrory's store. Ruled homicide by neck compression on April 10. Scuffle happenedbecause he was suspected of shoplifting.
15. April 14 -- Michael A. Lewis, 39, of 657 Tyson Ave., died at St. Elizabeth MedicalCenter at 10:04 a.m. Friday, after suffering a gunshot wound to the head at 1:45 a.m. atAntioch and First streets. Arrested Terry L. Warren, 32, of 1703 W. Second ST., on April22.
16. May 1 -- Nokaleta Bullock, 9 months old, of 1846 Emerson Ave., Apt. 5, died atGrandview Hospital and Medical Center of multiple trauma after being found injured at1120 Lockland. Her mother, Diana Bullock, 24, was charged with involuntarymanslaughter.
17. May 1 -- Gerald Bentley, 51, of 2927 Campus Drive, was shot in his car at 73 NealAve. and continued to drive until his car crashed into a used-car dealership at 864 N.Main St. Damain Lamont Jackson, 18, was indicted on a charge of involuntarymanslaughter. The motive: a drug deal gone bad.
18. May 6 - Jeffrey Sell, 35, of 234 Fillmore St. He was shot in Oney's Pub, 1301Wyoming Ave., around 11 p.m. Wife says shooter was fellow bar patron DannyBranhan; warrant was issued for Branhan's arrest.
19. May 24 -- Henry Wilson, 74, of 62 Malden Ave., was shot once while playing cardsin his home at 4:45 p.m.; arrested was Louis Bethely.
20. June 2 -- Douglas Pittman, 32, died at 10:20 a.m. after being shot in the chest inthe 800 block of Reist Avenue. Police said the shooting happened during an argumentover drugs. Arrest of Ouanwell C. Heard.
21. June 6 -- Cindy Cozad, 29, of 10 Maplelawn Drive, was found dead about 8 a picnic shelter in Triangle Park. She was only partially clad, wearing only a T-shirtand athletic shoes. She'd been shot in the head and neck at least twice. Cozad had arecord of prostitution. Two guys arrested.
22. June 10 -- Marcus Brown, 25, 701 Union Blvd., found dead at 3:30 a.m. in front of717 Superior Ave., a vacant house.
23. June 19 -- Marvin Bibb, 21, 2004 DeWitt Drive, 12:30 a.m. gunshot wound to thechest and abdomen, pronounced at 12:44 a.m. at Good Samaritan Hospital. Ruledhomicide.
24. June 19 -- Gary Furlow,
32, of 529 N. Kilmer Ave., died at St. E's after being shot at12:47 p.m. in front of his home. The dispute arose over a fight among adolescents.
25. Ruled homicide on June 23, complications of remote gunshot wound of neck; diedon May 22, 1995, as result of injuries sustained Oct. 21, 1983 -- William McLean,(Alfreda Jones, girlfriend, pleaded guilty to agg assault.)
26. June 20 -- Ernest Kuhn, 50, ;5206 Sierra Ct., beaten w/ ballbat...son accused but not arrested.
27. July 18 -- Samantha Ritchie, 4, of 809 E. Herman Ave., disappeared July 18 andfound dead July 22, submerged in an abandoned basement of the former GHRFoundry on Detrick Street, a block south of her house. Died of blunt-force trauma to thehead. Possible weapon: a fiberglass cast worn by her mother, Therressa JolynnRitchie. Mrs. Ritchie, 24, and a neighbor, Ernest Vernell Brooks, 43, were arrested July27 after they reportedly admitted guilt to police.
28. July 22 -- William Raglin, 33, of 5124 Rucks (?) Rd., shot to death in his car. No suspects as of 7/27.
29. Aug. 4 -- Mildred Hitchcock, 50,581 Shoop Ave., shot in the head, then died at St.E's Aug. 5. Ruben O. Merideth, 21, charged with involuntary manslaughter.
30. Aug. 9 -- Glynn E. Cashaw, 47, at first unidentified, was found dead across from120 S. Conover St. Shot in the head. Solved but charges uncertain.
31. Aug. 12 -- Virgil D. Mortimer, 43, of 3207 Highview Hills Road, was found dead at6:20 a.m. at the intersection of Highview Hills and Neosho Avenue. Died of blunt-forcetrauma to the head. Darryl L. Lee arrested Aug. 30.
32. Aug. 20: Ruben V. Mendoza, 41, of 2102 Claggett Dr. in Harrison Twp., was foundshot to death about 1:40 p.m. Sunday at Parkside Homes, 1201 Brennan Dr., said aspokesman for the Montgomery County Coroner's Office. Eugene H. Jones chargedwith involuntary manslaughter.
33. Aug. 27: Curtis Crawford, 47, 907 Five Oaks Ave., found stabbed to death at 906Five Oaks. His across-the-street neighbor, Karl Green, 32, of 908 Five Oaks, wasarrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter.
34. Sept. 10: Sean Frank Tousignaut, 19, of 1505 Emmons. Stabbed at 1:45 a.m.during an altercation between a large number of individuals at 617 Wilfred in Dayton.He died at Miami Valley Hospital at 2:28 A.M. A 21 year-old suspect has been takeninto custody.
35. Oct. 11: Helen Marie Meadows, 62, of 3511 Ralliston Ave., was shot to death by herson, Michael Lee Meadows, 33, at his home, 3515 Ralliston, next door to hers, after hekept police at bay for five hours. He killed himself after tear gas was fired into his home.
36. Found 7 a.m. Oct. 22 (dont know if he died the night before though check it outwhen police info becomes available): Brandon Woods, 22, of 3015 Lakeridge Court,Dayton; found in front of 940 Rider Ave., Dayton; gunshot wounds.
37. Oct. 23 -- Shabazz Carr, 22, 3224 McCall, shot at 654 Nathan Place. Standing infront of the residence, talking to a female, 16-year-old male walked up, argued, fired atCarr. Carr ran from the scene, but was shot in the chest. He ran to 631 Warren,collapsed in the street, pronounced dead a short time later.
38. Found 4 p.m. Nov. 2: Michael J. Bolden, 31, of 340 S. Main St., Apt. F, believed tobe dead for two to three weeks at the time his body was discovered by a maintenanceman. Suffered a head injury. body was badly decomposed.may have been result of agay lover's quarrel?
39. Nov. 24: Damaris A. Cotto, 5, died at Children's Medical Center a day aftersuffering a Thanksgiving Day beating, reportedly at the hands of her stepfather, RobertWerts, 24, at their home, 735 St. Nicholas Ave. Werts has been charged in the death.
40. Dec. 21: Rashanda Wilder, 1, died at St. E's; mother's boyfriend, Ricardo Martin,arrested.
41. Dec. 23: Jawan Looney, 20 months old, died after being scalded. His mother,Lawanda Banks, arrested.
42. Dec. 28: Zenith Lawrence, 55, killed while on duty delivering the Dayton DailyNews.