The Sloopy's Bar murders

  On March 19, 1994 Frank Ferraro, 65, and Robert Knapke, 38, were beaten to death with a claw hammer in Sloopy's Bar, 613 E. Fifth St. in the Oregon District in Downtown Dayton.
  Nearly two years later, on Feb. 8, 1996 Edmund Earl Emerick III was convicted of aggravated murder in the slayings. On Feb. 10 he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Defendant: Edmund Earl Emerick III
Defense attorneys: Denis Lieberman and Gary Hruska
Prosecutors: Leon Daidone and John Slavens
Judge: Barbara P. Gorman
Court: Montgomery Co. Comman Pleas


3-19-94 -- Ferraro and Knapke were found dead in Sloopy's after an apparent robbery attempt. Each had been struck in the head more than 18 times with a hammer taken from the bar's tool box.

6-3-94 -- Police arrested Emerick, a former manager of the now-defunct T.B. Hopkins bar in the Oregon District, at his home on Hickory St. in the adjacent South Park neighborhood.

1-19-96 -- Emerick's trial began.

2-8-96 -- After deliberating for 11 hours the jury found Emerick guilty of aggravated murder.

2-10-96 -- The jury spared Emerick from the death penalty, but Judge Barbara Gorman sentenced him to two consecutive life terms without possiblity for parole for 30 years on each count. In addition, Judge Gorman sentenced Emerick to 10-25 years for robbery.
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