The railroad spike slaying
of Amanda Jo Maher

  On Aug. 4, 1988 Amanda Jo Maher, 18, was found alive but fatally wounded along railroad tracks in downtown Xenia. She had been sexually assaulted and choked, and a railroad spike had been driven through her skull.
  More than seven years later, on Feb. 8, 1996, David Lee Myers was convicted of her murder and sentenced to die.
  Myers maintained his innocence throughout the trial, shouting "I didn't do it! I swear to God I didn't do it!"

Convicted: David Lee Myers

David Lee Myers
DOB: 1-19-65
Address: formerly of Caesarcreek Twp. Held without bond in Greene Co. Jail since his arrest.
Attorneys: William Summers, of Cleveland, and Barro Wolford.
Criminal history:
1986 -- a Yellow Springs woman accused him of rape. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of sexual battery after the woman refused to testify against him. He served six months of a two-year term in the Greene County Jail.
1991 -- jailed on forgery charges and served two years.
1993 -- re-indicted for the murder of Amanda Jo Maher.
1995 -- convicted of aggravated menacing after stalking two Spring Valley store employees .

The victim: Amanda Jo Maher

She was 18 when she was killed.
She was found alive but died a short while later.
She had a nine-month-old daughter at the time of her death.

Background in the case:

On the evening of Aug. 3, 1988, Myers was at the Round Table bar in Xenia. Amanda Maher was also at the bar with her boyfriend, Glen Smith.
After an argument in which Smith broke a bottle he was arrested and taken from the bar by police. Myers offered to take Maher hom.e
Witnesses said they saw Myers and Maher walking near the area where she wasfound the next day by two girls taking a shortcut home along some railroad tracks.
Authorities say Myers robbed Maher, sexually assaulted and choked her and then drove the railroad spike through her skull.
The only physical evidence in the case was a single pubic hair, found on Maher's body and linked to Myers.


Aug. 4, 1988 -- Amanda Jo Maher found dying along the railroad tracks in Xenia, a railroad spike driven through her head.
1991 -- Murder charges against Myers are dropped because of insufficient evidence to bring the case to trial.
1993 -- Myers is re-indicted.
Jan. 2, 1996 -- Jury selection begins in Myers' trial.
Jan. 9, 1996 -- Opening arguments.
Jan 10, 1996 -- Glen Smith, Maher's boyfriend and father of her daughter, testified.
Feb. 8, 1996 -- Myers convicted of aggravated murder.
Feb. 23, 1996 -- The jury recommended the death penalty for Myers.
March 1, 1996 -- Judge M. David Reid sentenced Myers to death.

Why it took so long to come to trial:

Myers' case took an unusual number of twists. He changed attorneysseveral times and filed unsuccessful motions to have Greene County Judge M. David Reid and Prosecutor William F. Schenck removed from the case. Schenck also sought numerous trial delays to obtain test results from the pubic hair.

In 1991, Schenck, not ready to move forward with the case, withdrew the aggravated murder charge against Myers. A Greene County grand jury then indicted Myers on unrelated forgery charges. He pleaded guilty and spent two years in prison. In 1993, Myers was re-indicted in Maher's killing.

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