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prepared by Charlotte Jones
What is NewsLine?
Where does the content of Newsline come from?
How do people use Newsline?
How does the Stockline service work?
How is Newsline used by DDN?
How can I look up a specific Newsline code?
How many calls does Newsline get each day/month?
How do I record a message on Newsline?
How do I listen to messages left by readers?
Who at DDN is responsible for Newsline?
Some questions callers may ask

What is NewsLine?

NewsLine is an interactive voice information services with over 1,500 categories available for access free of charge.NewsLine updates over 800 local and national program topics on sports,news, entertainment, business and financial information. It maintains more than six thousand features including health and legal information, local utility and government information and many other programs with local media (radio & television). Manages over two million requests for information annually.

Here is a list of our most popular categories:

4000 Stock Quotes
1004 Local Lottery results
2100 - 2012 Soap Operas
9090 Horoscopes
9125 Sports
1005 Local & National News
2401 Games
2430-2447 Movie & Music Reviews
1400 Weather

Where does the content of Newsline come from?

. Many of our programs fed directly from CityLine information services and AP; Which comes to us via satellite? Locally our programs are loaded into our system by Daily News staffers, radio & television and community sponsors such as The Downtown Dayton Partnership.
Horoscopes, Stock Quote Hotline, Soap operas and syndicated feed. Things such as Local weather -WHIO, Bucky Albers & Chick Ludwig commentaries are local information.

How do you access Newsline?

1. Call 463-4636 from any touch tone phone in our local dialing area. Remember this call is free of charge. A call to NewsLine outside of the local dialing area is considered a long distance call.
2. After the introductory Ad plays in its entirety, you may then dial your four- digit category code that you have chosen from your directory. Please press the numbers evenly so the computer can understand your selection.
3. To go to another category, press* (star). You will then be asked for the next four -digit code.
4. You may listen to as many as four categories in one phone call. You may also access as many as 10 stock quotes in one call.

How does the Stockline service work?

1. Dial 463-4636 -then enter CODE -4000and press 1 to access a stock quote or press 2 if you wish to hear a full explanation of how the Hotline works.
2. If you chose 1 for a stock quote you must give the correct code for the ticker symbol of that stock. Each letter of the ticker symbol has a two-digits number.
Then enter your ticker symbol followed by the * Key. This letsŐ the computer know that you are finished entering your code.


DJIA -31-51-43-21*
(D= 31 J= 51 I= 43 A =21)

The D is located on the 3 keypad, so the first number to press for D is 3. The second number is related to the position on the keypad in which to 3 is position - 1 therefore D=31.
NASDAQ: COMP ---- 23-63-61-71*
STANDARD & POOR'S SDX ----- 73-31-92 *

Note: preferred stock ticker symbols include a plus sign or a period. The code for a plus sign is 11, and the code for a period is 13.
Example, the ticker symbol for General Motors preferred A is GM+A. So the code is - 41 for G, 61 for M, 11 for the plus, and 21 for the A or (41 61 11 21, followed by the *)

Always remember when using this BRITE PERCEPTION system please be sure to use /=17 for the slash symbol.
Examples:/=13 - if you have regular Brite
RTN/A - 72 81 62 13 21*
Example: /= 17 - if you have Brite Perception.
RTN/A- 72 81 62 17 21*

The slash separates the ticker from the class - we cannot tell if a symbol is not working without the name itself. Then we can check the AP stockline PC. We then key in the symbol and see if it is working. If it does appear to be ok., and the caller still can't get through; there may be a problem with the cables or phone line.

How is Newsline used by DDN?

NewslLine is used many different ways by our staffers. We offer things such as late scores, sports speakup . We also feature the speakup column of the Editorial page, polling and local movie and music reviews.

How many calls does Newsline get each day/month?

We can get as many as 500,000 calls per month. Many of the calls are made to specific lines such as Stock Quote Hotline with as many as 90,000 hits monthly. The Horoscope line get as many as 110,000 hits monthly. Daily we can have as many as 150- 3,000 calls coming in to boxes like Chick Ludwig and Bucky Albers sports commentaries.

How can I look up a specific Newsline code?

(Link to page with full list)Note: this file is locate in my backup folder in the Library Server.WP-DIRECTCODES.NWS

How do I record a message on Newsline?

1. Dial into the system 463-4636 after hearing the opening message type #* 4343 you will be prompted to add in your number you wish to record.( that would be XXXX).
2. Next you will need to put in your index code(1001).
3. Then you are asked to put in your password which is XXXX # assigned to you..
4. Listen for the last recording and at the beep start recording your new message. Press * to listen to your message. If you like what you recorded then press 1 to save or 2 to redo

How do I listen to messages left by readers?

1. Call NewsLine at 463-4636.
2. Enter access code 6245 When prompted by the system.
3. When asked for a mailbox number, enter your mailbox number XXXX which is assigned to you.
4. When asked for a password, enter password XXXX which is assigned to you.
5. Follow the system instructions: press 1 to hear the new messages, 2 to review saved messages, and 9 to exit the category.
6. Once you get into the messages, use the following to work through them : press 1 to save the message, 2 to replay the message, 3 to delete the message 4 to skip to the next message, and 9 to exit the category. (There will be voice prompts to tell you how to do this, also)

Who at DDN is responsible for Newsline?

If you have any problems please call Charlotte in the Reference Library @ 2449 or 2491 in Newsline or Jesse @ 2201. If neither are available, please contact Nancy Davis @ 2463 in Advertising for our back-up person.

Nancy Davis @ 2463 in Advertising is responsible for any problems you may have dealing with Jobline and Dine Line also how and where to get advertising on Newsline.

Some questions callers may ask:

Q. I tried to punch in the code right away, but nothing happened
A. Wait for the 15-second advertisement to finish. Is the caller using a touch-tone phone?

Q. My stock ticker doesnŐt work with this.
A. First the symbol has to be one that our system recognizes. Have the caller make sure to use even strokes on the keypad. If there is a foreign symbol be sure to have the caller read back their ticker symbol.
See "How to use Stockline"

Q. My horoscope isnŐt current.
A. This information is fed via satellite. I will have to call to get a re-feed of this data. Try back in a hour.

Q. What is the code for Soap Operas?
Soap Scene - 2111.

Q. What do I tell callers for News Speakup?
A. When we receive complaints about Speakup please ask the caller to call Kate Wert @ 225-2239 for assistance.