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Your Questions Answered About Lesbian Sex

For some reason, guys who read my website always wanna know about sex. They write me these very polite little e-mails in which they are basically saying, "yeah, yeah, enough with the teasing little stories about you runnin' around naked -- what about lesbian sex??"

Usually they start off by saying the admire me for being "out" about my sexuality (tho I suspect they don't have the same "admiration" for gay men) and then they confess -- as if they are the only str8 guy who thinks this way -- that they (gasp!) often think about lesbians and are really turned on by the notion of lesbian sex.

Gosh, what a surprise!

I find this kind of cute -- as long as they act polite and are not a-holes. So for them, here are some answers to your burning questions about gay chicks:

Question: How do you and Mona most enjoy doing it?
Answer: We use our fingers a lot and of course we do oral. I tend to have a very quick orgasm when we first start fooling around and then I'll have another later on. We usually end up with me on my back and her doing me orally while she lays on her stomach with her hand down between her legs doing herself. That is our version of the "missionary position".

Question: Isn't that kinda selfish of you -- her doing you and herself at the same time?
Answer: Yeah, I used to feel a little guilty about that, but that's what she prefers. She is a control-freak and the "dominant" one in bed. It's the way she prefers to do it so who am I to argue?

Question: So is Mona good at it?
Answer: Oh man, you bet! Heck, the main reason I shave my pubes is cuz of the way she, uh, puts her whole face into the job. She loves having that particular area of smooth skin to kiss and then as she gets excited, well, she's just all over the place down there.

Question: What is the most exotic place you've ever done it?
Answer: We're not really all that kinky and we like having sex in comfortable places, which is usually in our bed. We do like to do it outside sometimes on the grass -- that is nice and comfy. We've done it in the rain and in the pool many times, but that is not too terribl exotic. We do have a nice thing we do in the pool . . .

Question: Yes, yes? Go on!
Answer: Well, it is really just a variation on our regular position, but I'm floating on my back in the pool with my arms hooked around one of those barbell-shaped floaty things. And Mona is standing shoulder-deep and she lifts my butt up and puts my legs around her neck. Then we do the oral thing and she is standing on the bottom of the pool so she moves in a circle and that makes me float in a circle and I look at the sky and the clouds and feel the sun on me and, well, it is a really nice way to do it.

Question: Not to violate your politeness rule, but don't you miss having, you know, a big hard penis involved? Shucks, maybe you just haven't met the right guy?
Answer: Meaning you? Pahleeeeze. On those occasions when we feel like having a penis involved we just get it out of the drawer and strap it on. It is very dependable and has never explained to us sheepishly that it has been under a lotta stress lately.

Question: Ouch! Yeah, well that never happens to me.
Answer: If you say so.

Question: But what about these naked lesbian parties you write about? What kinda sex goes on there??
Answer: Not much, really. I am usually the only one naked and although Mona tends to get gropey after her second drink, I can usually keep her fingers out of my bodily orifices in front of company. The other couples may get a little smoochy but that's usually as far as it goes. (Note: I said "usually" three times in that answer. See below additional steamy details). But even when sex happens, it stays within the couples.

More questions answered about SEX!

Jeez, you guys sure have a lot of questions. Here are some more:
Do I give oral or just receive it?
Of course I give it. Jeez. It's just that it is more common for her to do it to me. Here is what is typical: She will start messing with me, touching me and getting her fingers in me. This might happen anywhere at any time (often in the kitchen). Since I'm usually nude she can get quick, easy access. I can have a pretty quick orgasm like this, like with just two or three minutes of attention. Sometimes that's all we do for the moment (especially if I am in the middle of making dinner). Other times we go straight up to bed for Serious Sex. When we do this the next Event is often me having a nice long taste of her. This can go on for 15 minutes or so and I'm content to do it as long as she wants, but usually she can't actually come this way, so (at her prompting) we switch places and she does me while fingering herself as described above, and bang we both come, often at the same time because she sez listening to me come always pushes her over the top.

Now, there is one other me-on-her oral thing you may like to know about. As I said, she pretty much can only orgasm when she is in control of the movement, which is not easy with oral sex. So what we do is we lay on our sides with my head between her legs and my chin carefully positioned on her spot. All I hafta do is apply pressure with my chin while she does the movement. She really likes doing this and I do to cuz I like being down there when she is coming -- which used to be a frustration since she rarely came in that position.

Do we use the strap-on much?
Not really -- perhaps once a month or so. We now call it "Mr. Microphone" cuz one time after using it for its intended purpose Mona was taking it off and a song came on the radio that she likes singing along to and she spontaneously held it up and sang into it like a microphone, which it kinda looks like. It is natural looking (circumcised) and is soft and rubbery on the surface -- a very expensive, top-of-the line model you know.

We sometimes get out Mr. Microphone after we have already had a couple orgasms each. Since our standard ways of having sex focus on clit stiumulation, then for variety it is then kinda nice to have some significant penetration and hit a different erogenous zone than usual. I always prefer clit stimulation, so a dildo is never my first preference. But if you have already done it several times it is nice to make that switch.

Mona enjoys the play of wearing it and she loves talking to me while we are doing it. She likes walking around wearing it, too. I use it on her sometimes of course. It is an interesting feeling, but like I said we just do that once in a while when we have done our usual stuff several times already.

Do I masturbate?
What an impertinent question! Of course I masturbate. However, I don't always do it all the way to climax, which for me isn't very far to go in the first place. If I want to come I can do so in about 90 seconds. But mostly I prefer just to give myself lots of little touches in the course of the day, just a quick little one-finger dip inside for wetness, slide upwards to The Spot and make a two-second wiggly push. I guess this is part of the reason why I come so quickly when Mona starts messing with me -- I've usually been "priming' myself for a while.

How sexual do we get in front of our friends?
I said earlier that "usually" nothing much happens, but sometimes it does. One time was shortly after Andrea & Dana moved in. Mona had been accustomed to being able to have a little nookie right there in the kitchen whenever she felt like it, and now things were a little more limited. But on the other hand the game of how far would I let her go in front of them started to become pretty exciting too.

One evening the six of us were together and Mona was probably on her third glass of scotch and getting frisky the way she does. We were in the kitchen standing around talking and eating and drinking and of course I was naked as I usually am and Mona came up behind me and reached around to hold my boobs. That is something I nearly always let her do, and I continued in conversation with the others as Mona lifted my arms and put them behind my head and I laced my fingers behind her neck so she could glide her hands up and down my front. This was also something we had done before and I chatted on. The next thing that we all knew would happen would be that she'd travel down below and try to put her finger in me, and I would let her do it for two seconds and then wiggle away giggling and that would be that.

Only that's not what I did this time. I had already decided I would just let her do whatever she tried to do. So when she got her finger wet and I made no move to stop her she started seriously rubbing my clitoris -- and I did not stop her. I just continued with the conversation, interspersing a few moans into my narrative, as the other girls watched. As this went on, I made significant eye contact with each girl in turn, and I let it go on until I came -- which didn't take long.

That was a really fun and exciting Moment, but I don't let it happen very often. Mona tries, of course. She is like a cat that you give a little milk to one night but then she expects it and EVERY time you are in the kitchen she is meowing for more. But I have to be in just the right mood.

Do I consider myself a "naturist' or a "nudist" or an "exhibitionist"?
I am all of those things. Depends on the situation and the company. I don't really like the word 'exhibitionist' because it has bad connotations. I don't flash unsuspecting strangers (well, not in years), but I do get a sensual-sexual thrill out of flirting with friends while in the buff. But that doesn't mean every time I am nude it is a sexual thing. I am very much a "naturist" in the main meaning of the word in that I enjoy being nude outdoors in all kinds of weather and while that is very sensual it is not sexual.

And on those occasions when I am at an actual naturist gathering, especially a family-naturist gathering, it has not been sexual at all. Picture this with bathing suits for example. If you were wearing a bikini while swimming in a public pool with kids all around you, that would be one thing. But then if you were wearing that same bikini at an adult pool party where there was a lot of drinking and flirting going on you would feel a different way. And then suppose for some charity fundraiser you were asked to attend an elegant party -- where everyone else is wearing evening clothes -- but you are to wear your bikini. And everyone knows you are doing it for charity and you look darned good in it and you know it -- well, don't you thing you would be experiencing an "exhibitionistic" rush of sensual-sexual excitement?

See, all of those feelings can be experienced whether you go naked or not. But, um, it's a whole lot better when you are naked.
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