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Knocking Up Miss Libby

I have four older sisters and they all have kids. So I'm "Aunt Libby" to eleven adorable kids. And I want to make it an even dozen cousins by adding one of my own.

One thing I've always known about myself is I wanted kids -- or at least a kid. As I came to realize I was gay I never wavered from the certainty that I'd find a way to make it happen anyway.

Even before Mona and I got together I knew who I wanted my "sperm donor" to be. Jack, my last boyfriend in college, who had remained a good friend in the years since. He and I had talked about it in a theoretical way on and off for years, but after I got together with Mona it became more of a real thing, Mona and I had a little trouble over the pregnancy thing. When we first talked about it she said, sure, she wanted kids too ... "someday." We agreed to wait one year after our wedding and then start trying. Then when the year came she was reluctant and we fought about it and nearly broke up and had counseling and she came around and then -- as she does so beautifully -- she completely jumped into the idea 100%.

But then it was her and Jack fighting (not exactly fighting; more like negotiating), because he didn't want to be just an anonymous donor. He wanted his child to know him as the father. He didn't seek any legal rights and was willing to sign them away (except in the event of my death, etc etc). So they went at it like lawyers across the coffee table and hammered out an agreement -- which became a legal document that we all signed. Whew!

Introducing Dr. Turkey Baster

Meanwhile, we had done lots of research. I knew how to tell exactly when I was ovulating. We bought a couple of different turkey basters to see which one works best. Jack would take a coffee cup and go off to the bathroom and then he would bring the cup to Mona and then he'd leave the room while Mona squirted it into me. And according to my research the best way to do this was to have me in an upside down position that I could maintain for 15-20 minutes at a time. So the most comfortable way to do this was to have me on the bed leaning my body against the headboard, but upside down so that my butt was up against the headboard and my legs were in the air.

You will have to read my journal for details on how we did this each month -- and whether it eventually succeeded.


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