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Mona, the love of my life

Well, first she's a redhead. Fiery. Sexy. A Scorpio

Mona and I met at a party -- set up by friends -- and were instantly attracted to each other. I swear we were both spraying pheromones like lawn sprinklers and everyone in the room got horny just watching us watch each other.

Mona was quite the she-wolf in those days, and I was pretty carefree myself -- though I was dreaming of my True Love, someone with whom I'd settle down with and have dogs and kids and flower gardens with white picket fences, etc.

But that was not on her mind. Her mind was pretty focused on pussy. Mine.

And she got it too -- that night I'm embarrassed to admit. I have never hit the sack so quickly with anyone before. First off, I've only had sex with six people in my life -- one male and the rest chicks. Actually, the number of women would depend on how one defines "have sex with," which I'm not going to get into. So let's say it was one guy and several girls. But up until this point, in none of those other instances did we do it on the first date. Technically this wasn't even a date -- we just met at a party -- but we definitely "did it" regardless of how you define it. Mouths and pussies became intimately smoothed together so that definitely counts as sex.

Anyways, we flirted up a storm at the party and we danced madly but close enough to have our hands on each others' waists and occasionally letting our breasts collide. She was braless and deliciously bouncy. I always go braless, but I'm smaller so it isn't as noticeable. Mona is not "busty" but of the most perfect size (34C) in my opinion. And she was wearing a green tank top, which really looked good with her redhead-freckled complexion.

So this was a set-up, orchestrated by our mutual friend Andrea (whom both of us had previously had sex with but Mona didn't actually remember doing because she was drunk). Andrea was my ride to the party and after she introduced me to Mona and we were clearly hitting it off, Andrea drifted by and made up a bullshit story about why she couldn't take me home and could Mona do it? That's when I knew it was a setup, but I didn't yet know whether Mona had been in on it.

So around midnight Mona says, well let's go. It was still pretty early, but I say sure. She drives me home, speeding in her stick-shift little racy car (it was a BMW I later learned). And we get to my place and I know she wants to come up, and I know what will almost certainly happen if she comes up, and I know I never never do that, not on the first date and this wasn't even a date. Before she could ask, I said "want to come up?"

And I knew what was going to happen, but I felt really okay because I really, really wanted it to happen and even though we just met I already trusted this person that I hardly knew. Well, I won't go into the details, but she ended up staying the night and, suddenly I was in a wonderful romance with a woman that my my mind and my body could just not get enough of and I was already imagining us having babies and growing old together -- though I guessed at the time that her level of commitment was probably not as deep as quickly as mine.

And then she basically dumped me (I scared her off) and she was interviewing for a job in another city! And they offered it to her! And she took it!

But then she changed her mind because she was in love with me, which was very nice except that she lost a ton of points for even THINKING of doing that. There's no way I would have even considered doing that to her. So it was very romantic moment, her turning up on my doorstep in the middle of the night, and I cried with happiness and held her tight and was so grateful that she had chosen me . . . but the next day I didn't feel as grateful. I shouldn't have had to feel that in the first place and it took me a while to trust her again. But I did.

And about a year after that, she gave me her grandmother's engagement ring and we started planning our ceremony.

Our wedding!

Our wedding was outdoors on a beautiful late-September day in a ceremony in front of our friends and family here on our property and we both wore white wedding dresses. Mona normally doesn't wear dresses or makeup in her daily routine, but likes to get dolled up on special occasions. Mona is beautiful without makeup and has a bazillion freckles on her face and I like being able to see every one of them, but it is also quite sexy when she does put on makeup because then I see the contours of her face in a different way and it is as if I am seeing a porcelain statue of her. She was SO beautiful. Our families and friends were all here and instead of one of us being walked down the aisle by a parent we had the chairs arranged so there were two diagonal aisles and we each had a parent walk us down the aisle at the same time, getting closer and closer as the approached the altar.

Of course, it was not a legal marriage, but I don't care that much whether the State recognizes my marriage. I didn't invite The State to my freaking wedding. There are all kinds of ways in which legal stuff matters so we made it as legal as possible -- signing a domestic partnership contract which she had a lawyer draft. It spells out our unshakable intention to remain a united couple for the rest of our lives, saying that each of us wishes for the other to be the primary person consulted in emergencies, in the event of death, etc. We know that in some situations that contract won't mean anything legally, but we wanted it anyway. We are fortunate that our families are behind us so we know that if one of them is officially designated by the courts to be a decision maker, that they would defer to what we want. Lots of gay people don't have such supportive parents. Maybe someday people like us will be able to legally marry, but I don't have much hope for that. (Here, Future Me interjects to note that this was before the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage; we eventually did have a legal marriage)

Through Margot's friend Lia we found a Wicca Priestess who performed the ceremony. Mona didn't care one way or the other, but I am kinda into the whole Earth Goddess thing, though I have my own version of it. See my page on Spiritual Stuff for more on that if you are interested.

Trying to get pregnant, and the return of Jack

The whole not-so-successful pregnancy effort is explained in more detail on my preggers page, but the thing I wanted to mention here is it really showed how Mona is able to adapt and grow and do the right thing at the right time.

Because at first, Mona didn't want to have anything to do with Jack. He and Iwere together in college and for both of us it was our first true Being In Love experience. When I see the movie "Shakespeare in Love," the bed scenes always remind me of me and Jack in college.

Mona knew that even though I didn't want to be with Jack romantically anymore, that I did have permanent feelings for him. She was jealous because she knew that even though I was now and forever totally devoted to HER; even though she knew I would always always choose HER no matter what, no matter if she only had a day left to live after which she'd fall into a coma and I would sit at her side until I died of old age; even though she KNEW all of this she still resented the quiet little part of me that still loved Jack.

I need to write more about that time period but eventually dealt with that, just as we dealt with our other issues. Like, say, me wanting to get pregnant when she didn't, and me still being resentful that she did, after all, dump me once. So, we had other issues besides Jack.

Now, the thing that is the truly amazing thing which proves the Universe is a sucker for a happy ending is that Mona and Jack became great friends -- bonding over sports, obscure movies and their mutual urge to protect me. He's not around that much but when he is they shoot hoops in the driveway, watch football, baseball and basketball, bet on stuff, and belittle and ridicule each other's technical prowess at whatever is at hand, whether it is sports or how to properly operate a corkscrew.

By the way, Mona had the contract amended recently to recognize Jack's role as sperm donor and "secondary parent." In it, she and I are clearly the primary parents with full rights and financial responsibility to the child. Jack is recognized as a legitimate and important member of the family who will not be denied the opportunity to visit with the child he fathers. Now, of course, all we have to do is get me pregnant!


Mona's sister, Molly

Being with Mona has the added benefit of her sister, Molly, who is such a hoot! They are opposites in personality and both are verbally quick so they tease each other constantly in little muttered bon mots that the people around them often don't fully understand.

Molly and I are a lot alike so we have great fun together. We share an interest in cavorting naked and she loves that we have all of this private land. The first weekend she visited us here, I took her on a walking tour of "the estate" and we both went naked.

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