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Mona's sister, Molly

Molly is Mona's younger sister by two years, and they look a lot alike. They have older brothers, who are twins, and when you see the whole family together it looks like there are two sets of twins.

But in many ways, Molly is not at all like her sister. Although Mona has a good sense of humor, she tends to be a reasonably serious person most of the time. You know, like an adult. Molly is like me in that we never quite grew up. Mona is also very confident and always has been. When she was 13 years old she informed her parents that she was gay. Molly, meanwhile, grew up to be bisexual because (she says) she was too indecisive to choose.

Molly and I have a similar sense of humor, but another thing we share is the urge to be naked. She is just as ready as I am to ditch the clothes when circumstances permit. Growing up, Molly would sneak out of the house at night or when no one else was home so she could frolic outside naked in whatever portion of the backyard where no neighbors could see. Which is, of course, EXACTLY what I did.

And this part may sound a little incestuous, but Mona and Molly were very close growing up and Mona would encourage Molly to be naked and although there definitely wasn't anything sexual going on, Mona says that Molly's casual comfort with nudity influenced her in terms of what kind of girl she herself was attracted to.

As I have written elsewhere, when Mona and I first met, we hit it off really quickly in a whirlwind and were basically in bed within six hours of being introduced. That was very much unlike me, I will point out, because in all my previous relationships sex did not happen until after at least several dates. But like I said it was a whirlwind, but anyways my point (and I do have one) is that we were already intimate by the time we had those long talks about our lives and our various personality quirks.

It was in her bed during a rest between bouts that we had those backstory conversations. And I remember the expression on her face when I got around to mentioning that I like to be naked a lot, not just for sex but just generally, and outdoors when I can manage it. And I told a little story about sneaking out of the house at night naked when 13 or so and sprinting around the backyard, and her jaw dropped open and she started telling me about her kid sister, Molly. Weeks later, Mona would say this is the moment she fell in love with me -- and I tell her that she was a slowpoke because I was in love with her way before that.

Mona, who analyzes everything and can draw a whiteboard diagram explaining how she chose her outfit today, says that people tend to have a built-in template for our perfect mate and we look for people who fit. Typically, that model is based on one of your parents but Professor Mona postulates that for her and Molly the model was each other. So Molly and I are a lot alike because Mona was attracted to me because I fit the mold that was based on her kid sister.

So when I met Molly we instantly hit it off and I have told Mona that she is damn lucky I met her first because if I'd met Molly first, who knows? Actually, that probably wouldn't have worked out because we are too similar. Couples need to be different from each other. Being with Molly is more like being with my 13-year-old BFF and we are going to have a slumber party and stay up as late as we want!

And, of course, she's into nudity in exactly the same way that I am! Which is kinda rare in my experience and so when she visits the two of us go out and frolic in whatever kind of weather Mother Nature gave us that day. Mona acts like she thinks we are crazy, but we know that she adores that we are both crazy in this particular way. The first time Molly visited she was blown away by the sheer vastness and seclusion of our property, tucked away up here on our hidden hilltop, and that afternoon I took her on a long naked hike. She did cartwheels.

We had very similar experiences growing up. We are both somewhere on the bisexuality spectrum, but I am pretty far over on the lesbian side while she is more in the middle. But both of us therefore had some confusion in our youth as we figured out who we were attracted to. In our youth, we both sneaked out of the house naked at night and when we went to college we both chose all-girl dorms so we could be "the naked girl" of our dorm.

Anyways ... I have been thinking ... that if Mona's "mating theory" is correct for herself then it is likely correct for Molly as well -- which would mean she is unconsciously seeking a mate who is like her big sister. And because Molly is bisexual the perfect mate could be either gender. Ergo, we can predict she would be attracted to someone who is unflappable in any situation, who always knows what needs to be done at any given moment and who usually even has the skills to do that thing themselves. Nothing is a big deal. Nothing makes them frazzled or frustrated because even something that is really challenging is just an intriguing puzzle to be solved. And because these people are so competent at everything they have a casual confidence that is earned and deserved. And you feel that genuine confidence and strength when you are with that person in stressful situations, BUT you ALSO feel it when you make love to that person. Or rather, when that person makes love to you, because they tend to take the lead, not because they are vain or pushy but just because it is natural for them to be in charge and you feel so secure in that and can relax and be the person YOU really are no matter who that is. And in addition to all of that, there is the dry sense of humor that this smart, confident person has. They don't show off or tell jokes with punchlines, but instead make these little understated asides almost under their breath and it takes your brain a few seconds to work out the joke but then you laugh so suddenly you are at risk of expelling bodily fluids from one end or the other.

THAT is what Mona is like, and if that description is the "model" for Molly's ideal mate, well then, ahem ... I just might have someone in mind . . .

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