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Margot and Jayne

Jayne and Margot are our neighbors and, together with Andrea and Dana, make up our closest circle of friends. Jayne and I have been friends for several years and had a little intimate fling during the period after Mona dumped me and before Jayne met Margot.

They met, by the way, in Margot's English Lit class. Margot is a prof at the college and is in her 40s. Jayne was a college senior, about 21 years old probably (This was about 4-5 years ago). Now, whenever I tell this story I always hafta say that they did not actually hook up until later. This is just how they met. By the time they started seeing each other Jayne had graduated but, like lots of people do, she was still living near the college, cause it is a cool town and people tend not to want to leave. (Notice how I am cleverly avoiding saying exactly where this is).

Anyways, the summer after Jayne was out of school, and only like 6 months after she was in Margot's class, they bumped into each other at one of the downtown bars at which the lez crowd tends to dominate. Meaningful glances were exchanged, then telephone numbers were exchanged. A few days later they were a couple.

I have chosen Meryl Streep for Margot because there is a bit of resemblance and because Meryl always played such strong and intelligent women. Also, Margot is an outdoorsey 'flannel' type and I was inspired to cast Meryl as Margot after watching 'The River Wild,' which you should all run out and rent if you haven't seen it.

I picked Claudia Schiffer to play Jayne because she is so sexy and voluptuous. Jayne is blonde and busty and often acts the part, snapping her gum and doing a Marilyn Monroe voice, but it is only an act -- she is quite brainy. The only part of the 'blonde' bit that is really dead-on Jayne is her very genuine bubbly laugh. That girl laughs at everything, especially me. When we go out to dinner or drinks together people end up staring at us cause we make too much noise.

When me and Mona were buying this property, Margot was already interested in the old farmhouse property next to us, and that was part of the arrangement almost from the start. They moved in not long after we did and we helped them fix the place up (and boy did it need a lot of work).

Jayne is also an artist. She makes interesting little garden statuary -- like gargoyles and stuff. Sometimes I help her with that.

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