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Libby's Journal - July

July 1

Well Andrea and Dana are back from their honeymoon. They were mostly in the Santa Monica area but they rented a car one day and drove south. And another day they crewed on a 50-foot sailboat out in the ocean and saw dolphins and whales! They rollerbladed along Venice Beach and watched the crazy people, and they spent some time with a friend of Andrea's from when she lived there.

But anyways they're back, tho not living here. After six months living here with me and Mona they finally are in their own house. Which is great, of course, and I do like having the house just to me and Mona again (it's nice to be able to have spontaneous oral sex in the kitchen again), BUT I do miss having them around. People told us we'd end up hating each other if we lived together but the opposite happened.

I am closer to those two now than ever before. We really really are like family. And I don't use that word lightly. I have a very strong extended family -- my mom and Anna and my sisters and all the kids and my bros-in-law -- we are all very close-knit. So I DO know what family is, and Andrea and Dana and Jack and Jayne and Margot are a second family to me, and I am completely devoted to them.

* * * * *

July 7

We had a nice 4th of July Holiday. Two of Mona's old friends from college came to visit for a few days. They have a motorcycle (Mona used to have one and wants to get one again) and they wear bandanas on their heads and walk with that confident swagger you see in butch chicks. I really admire butch chicks for their strength and confidence, tho I tend not to be attracted to them if they are quite butch. I always fall for the jock-femme type (like Mona and Andrea) who are still quite feminine, but because they grew up playing sports they have much of the same swagger and confidence -- and often they have muscles too!!

Anyways, so then Friday night it was my turn to host the book group again. This was the second time I've done it. We meet once a month at somebody's house, have a nice meal or fancy fingerfood, drink some wine or some fancy mixed drink and talk about the book (sometimes as an afterthought).

Now these chicks are all suburban str8 chicks, most of them with husbands and families and I am quite exotic to them. First, of course, I'm gay. Second, I'm a naturist, which they learned right off the bat cause Katie (one of the book club girls) knew about my website and so they all read the juicy parts. Which was fine with me, of course. I wouldn't write it if I didn't want people to read it. So after our first couple of meetings (at other people's houses) they were asking, like, so, when ya gonna go nude around us? And so I said, well, not at your house in front of hubby! So they came to my house next and I stayed undressed like I usually am and they all got a kick out of it but by the end of the evening nobody thought anything of it -- which is how it generally goes of course.

So we were due to have it at my house again, but then it turned out that Jules and Beebee were also coming, which was no big deal except that these were very different people. I mean, the book group chicks think I'M  exotic and J&B are your basic dykes-on-bikes with tattoos who drink beer out of the bottle and routinely use crude language in reference to various body parts.

But of course everyone got along just fine. Jules & Beebee had been here since Wednesday and even tho I did not know them previously Mona talked me into being nude the whole time -- which of course J&B had heard all about from Mona before so it seemed natural to do so anyways. But THEN when the book chicks came over and they were used to me being nude also, but in a different kinda way (with Mona and her friends it is always more of a sexy flirty thing).

So anyways I took a lot of teasing on both ends. But (as I'm sure you know) one of my favorite things is to get teased for being naked.

Well, now it is Sunday night and I have ALSO spent the past few days gardening. We have had NO rain lately so I am watering every night and have started mixing peat into my beds and covering stuff with mulch. I have enjoyed the company, but I have lots of this work to do on my garden beds so I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can concentrate on that while Mona is at work. I don't mind the heat or even the humidity because when I get sweaty I can either dunk myself in the pool or spray myself with the garden hose and be refreshed and dripping wet. But my garden needs actual rain -- and I do too. There's some rain in the forecast next week, but that is too far away to get my hopes up. But I know it will come and when it does I will be outside in it.

* * * * *

July 14

The thing I wanna write about today is the wonderful, glorious, GREAT day I had a couple days ago. It was one of those special days when everything is just completely harmonized with everything else. Especially me with Nature.

Okay, first you gotta know that we had about two weeks of 90-degree weather and NO rain. Near the end there I was outside every evening right after the sun went down, watering everything. But still it was rough on everything during the day. Flowers, tomatoes, beans -- everybody was feeling droopy and stressed. And the ground was getting hard and cracked and the soil here tends to have a lot of clay and even tho I've worked it a lot that hard clay seems to resurrect itself during ot, dry spells.

So I got myself a big pile of peat and a bigger pile of compost delivered and dumped in a grassy area between the back part of the driveway and the main garden area (I have several garden beds, but the largest two are back behind the house). And for a couple days in a row I was out there in the heat, breaking up that hard dirt and mixing in peat. Mona recently modified my main shovel, which now has a wooden piece bolted where you put your foot, so now I can be barefoot as I do this. Some naturist gardeners are content to wear shoes, but to me that has always been annoying. I used to wear just one tennis shoe on my right foot, just for shoveling -- which I'm sure looked ridiculous. Now the only thing I wear is a red bandana around my forehead to keep the sweat out of my eyes, and of course I only wear that when it is really hot.

Which it has been lately -- hot, hot, hot.

Anyways, so for a couple of days I had been working thru my garden beds loosening up that hard dirt and working in the peat, and then watering and then covering it with mulch. But this was slow going cause the ground was so dry and it was so hot and humid that -- even tho I am pretty "rugged" about working outdoors in all weather, still it was pretty grueling. I kept taking breaks and throwing myself in the pool to cool off.

But THEN, the other day the forecast called for rain. I didn't trust it of course, cause the weatherman lies to me on a regular basis, but I was hoping for it, and praying for it. Me and God commune in my garden regularly and She gives me tips on dealing with June bugs and such, but contrary to what you've heard she can't conjure up rain just like that.

So anyways, I woke up pretty early that day, like 5:30. Mona was still dead asleep and I brushed my teeth and shut the bedroom door as I went downstairs. I got her coffee going and made my tea and then I got to work. I was out there slinging dirt when she came outside a while later carrying her coffee cup. She kissed me goodbye and got in her car with the top down and I watched her carrot-red pony tail flying in the wind as she drove away. She leaves her coffee cup wherever she happens to be and if it wasn't for me she'd lose one cup a day. This time it was on the fence post and still warm so I drank a sip of it. I don't drink coffee myself, but I like taking little sips of Mona's drinks cause it tastes like her.

So I went back to work and it was already hot and I was already sweating and it was only 9:30 or 10, but then I felt the wind change and I could see clouds building up above me.

And then is started to rain. Not hard, just a gentle shower that cooled me off and more importantly cooled off all my little plant-guys and got the dirt wet where I had worked in the peat. I kept working and it kept raining steadily. When I was done augmenting the soil and ready to cover it with mulch I stopped a while to let the rain soak into the soil.

While I waited I walked over to the vegetable gardens, which are in raised beds and the ground is much better than in my flower beds. And amazingly I had a red tomato! My first of the season and way earlier than usual. It was the only ripe one -- all the rest still green. I took it as a gift from God and picked it, gently twisting it until the stem broke. Then I picked some lettuce and went inside to have some lunch. I didn't dry the rain off of me as I walked around the kitchen leaving wet footprints on the floor. I washed my lettuce and my lovely tomato and made a little salad and then I ate it out on the porch, sitting on the railing where I could feel the rain on my legs. I washed my bowl in the rainwater coming down the downspout and then I went back to my work.

I pitchforked mulch from the big pile into my wheelbarrow and pushed it to my flower beds, then I placed the mulch on the ground, working it with my hands around my plants. They were very happy as raindrops stood all over their leaves and their petals. I went back and forth pushing load after load of mulch and carefully placing it. I worked all afternoon and it rained steadily and gently on me all day.

Some people reading this are probably thinking -- what an incredibly boring story. What was so great about that? I can't explain. I just felt more part of the Earth that day than most days (and I'm pretty good at feeling part of the planet even on regular days).

* * * * *

July 19:

Some of you have already heard about the bit of drama we had the other night in which Mona proved once again she is a Total Badass. It was very exciting and fortunately was over so quickly I did not have time to fret about her getting hurt.

For those who don't know Mona personally, she only weighs about 125 pounds but is all muscle except for her boobs. In addition to years of playing sports and lifting weights, she has done kickboxing, mixed martial arts and trained to defend herself against someone twice her size. Because a larger, stronger opponent tends to have the advantage as a fight goes on, Mona always says a woman has to make her first move really count.

Okay, enough suspense -- here's what happened:

Mona and I drove into the city to have dinner with another female couple, one of whom Mona had met at work. These were very cute girls in the early 20s -- Heather and Halsey. One was African-American and quite dark-skinned while the other girl was a blonde with pale skin, but in all other respects they were identical -- adorable, bubbly little ballerina-sized girls who were obviously in love.

I was in a silly-happy mood myself and so our booth was very giggly and that got the attention of some dumbass drunk dudes who took turns trying to come over and chat us up. Mona politely but firmly made it clear to the first guy that we were not interested, but they treated this rejection as a "hard-to-get" challenge. When the second dude came over, I told him they were wasting their time because we were all lesbians, but as soon as I said that I knew that for this particular type of drunken male this would only turn them on and convince them that we'd change our minds about our orientation if we only understood how impressive their penises were.

Mona, I should mention, was a bit drunk. A side-benefit, for her, of me abstaining from alcohol for potential mommy reasons was that we didn't have to decide who was going to be the designated driver when we go out. So Mona was free to imbibe. She is not one of those people who become jerks when they drink, but it does lower her normal inhibition against getting into confrontations with people who ARE jerks.

So instead of just ignoring the dudes, she started talking loudly about a "study" she supposedly read about men with teeeeny-tiny dicks and how you could tell a dude had a teeny dick by how he acted towards women. And every time she said "teeny" she would drag the word out and hold up her finger and thumb spaced an inch apart. People at other tables nearby were hearing this and laughing.

We were all done and getting ready to leave and as we got up and started walking towards the bar to pay up, Mona hung back so she was last and gave the guys the finger as we passed them. I was looking back and saw this, and then I saw one of the guys get up and follow her.

He was calling something after her that I could not quite make out, but everyone in the restaurant heard the last two words of his sentence, which were "stupid bitch." As he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from walking away from him, I knew what was about to happen. The next few seconds played out like an action movie where they go in slow motion, because as Mona turned back to face him she threw all her weight into the swing and her fist hit him square on the nose. Blood splatted in all directions, still in slow motion, as the momentum of her punch sent him flying backwards, falling over a chair and landing hard on his back. Then time went normal again and everyone in the bar applauded.

Mona, perfectly calm, casually wiped the blood off her knuckles with a napkin and handed our ticket to the cashier but the owner walked by and snatched it, calling "on the house" as he went out to check on his other customer who was sitting on the floor holding his face.

Mona put two twenties in the tip jar and said to the cashier, "sorry about the mess."

* * * * *

July 21

The heat wave continues. It is about 95 degrees today and that's how it has been lately and apparently how it will go on being all week. Next week me and Mona are going to Minnesota so hopefully it will be cooler up there. Andrea (who is obviously insane) has been training for one of those "ironwoman" competitions in which you run and swim and bike and rapel down the side of a building (I kid you not on that last one). So she has been outside every evening after work running around the property, starting at her house, rounding past ours and all the way to Jayne's and then looping back through the field out back. She has basically worn down her own path, though part of it is the path maintained by the dogs as they go on their "border patrol."

This morning I was at church helping to stock the shelves for our food pantry. People bring in stuff on Sundays and we organize the pantry on Mondays and then on Wednesdays we have the "free store" open all day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Since I don't have a "real job" I have been volunteering at various stuff that I feel strongly about. But anyways, this morning it was just sweltering hot in the church basement even tho it was morning and it's a basement after all. We have no air conditioning in the church, which most of the time is not a problem because it is a stone building and is shaded by trees, but at times like this nothing helps.

* * * * *

July 25

This weekend we are leaving on our trip to Minnesota to see Mona's family. We're also gonna visit a friend of hers from years ago, Emma, who has a four-month-old baby. I am looking forward to holding that baby!

My tomatoes are turning red so soon I will have them in abundance. I had my first red one a couple weeks ago, but it was the only one at that time. Now several others are ready and we will eat tomatoes every day!

A week or so ago some fundamentalist "Christian" read my Spirituality page and decided to "witness" to me about how the Bible says I will burn in hell for being gay. We got into an e-mail exchange that started out cordial enough, but went downhill. I posted the whole thing on a new page that I called My debate with Bob about God. Not that it was much of a debate cause Bob didn't have much to say except "you're going to Hell."

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