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Libby's Journal - June

June 5

Well, I'm about to go into Serious Cleaning Mode. Pretty soon we're gonna be hosting all kindsa people for Dana and Andrea's wedding and my house needs to be SPOTLESS! Momma and Anna are coming for the wedding, which is sweet. Between our house and Jayne & Margot's and Dana & Andrea's new house we can put up a lot of people right here. Jack was saying he was gonna "get the hell outa Dodge" for the duration, but he was just kidding. He would not miss this event -- tho he would probably wanna miss the events leading up to it.

Dana is basically a zombie at this point. You can point her in any direction and tell her what to do and she is fine -- just don't ask her what she thinks about anything or she will fall apart. Andrea on the other hand seems completely cool, and I think basically she is. I love confident chicks and that is Andrea. She always knows what she wants and what the right thing is to do, etc. So right now she is quite laid-back about it, like: hay, let's get married right now -- bring it on!

Which is great because she is SO what Dana has always needed. Dana is pretty darned secure considering what she has been thru in life, but what gives her strength these days is knowing that Andrea is there for her completely. And I can relate to that, of course, because I am not the most secure person on the planet and it makes a HUGE difference to me knowing that Mona is so completely devoted to me. And that, I know, is how Dana feels.

* * * * *

June 17

Well Andrea and Dana's marriage went off just perfectly and now they are in Southern California on their honeymoon. Andrea lived in LA one summer during college and she loves Santa Monica and Venice Beach so that's where they're staying, but they plan to rent a car and drive a bit also. When me and Mona got married three years ago we went to San Francisco on our honeymoon (and I had a panic attack on the 5-hour plane trip -- but other than that we had a good time).

For the past several days all three houses here have been packed with visitors. We had about 100 people here for the wedding, but many of them were local. Mostly it was family members staying over, plus some of their old friends who don't live around here. Mom and Anna came, and Mona's sister, Molly (who is a pistol! -- she and I are dangerous together).

The night before the wedding we had a "bachelorette party" for both brides together over at Andrea and Dana's new house. They haven't even officially moved in and some of the interior work is still being done. But we made sure a few items of furniture were taken over for party purposes -- including their bed of course. The various parents and older or male relatives were all staying at my house and at Jayne and Margot's house down by the road. So Andrea and Dana's new house was the designated location for Serious Partying, which is what we did. It was all girls, and nearly all gay girls, so you can imagine the scene.

There was loud music, free-flowing wine and other concoctions, much dancing and because they have both a pool and a hot tub there was considerable nude frolicking (not just me for a change). In particular, a certain bride-to-be was without a stitch for a significant portion of the evening (and I don't mean Andrea). It may have helped that her mai tai was basically a triple, but she has been so happy lately and so looking forward to this that I don't think she needed much alcohol to let loose.

Andrea was a notch or two less rambunctious than usual, but she was letting her bride be crazy for a change and keeping her own head clear enough to be a protector -- which was sweet tho unnecessary since Dana had plenty of people looking out for her. We wanted her to get a nice buzz, but we didn't let her get so drunk as to be hung over on her special day.

So that night was totally fun, but we started pretty early and made sure the two brides were tucked in and safe by midnight. Mona and the softball-volleyball-basketball chicks (excluding Andrea) partied on for several more hours, but I went to bed right after Andrea & Dana did.

THEN the next day dawned and it was a beautiful day from the first. A gift from God. She and I have been pretty tight lately and I think she put a little extra blue in the sky that day, just for us. As Mona and I did three years ago, Andrea & Dana rented a large white canvas tent in case of rain, but there was no need of it, the day was so nice.

Dana was wearing a traditional white wedding dress with veil. I let her wear my pearls for "something old" and she wore a light blue garter, which she flung at the crowd of mostly-lesbian single chicks.

Andrea wore the strapless black evening gown I wrote about earlier. It was VERY elegant. In their new house Andrea had installed a weightlifting machine in the basement and she worked out a couple hours before the ceremony so her arms and shoulders were tres buff when she put on that dress. As I have said before, Andrea is feminine but muscular. She's not like those extreme female bodybuilders you see on magazine covers. She's built more like an Olympic athlete -- which she came close to being.

Unlike my marriage, Andrea & Dana's was legal because, as you know, Dana is legally male (and if you didn't know that, you have a lot of reading to do). Both Dana's family and Andrea's family were there, of course, and both mothers-of-the-bride wept in happiness and hugged each other afterwards.

After the wedding there was another party, this one open to all of course. The white tent was used for all the tables and presents and so on. They had a big traditional wedding cake and Jayne, the artist, made the two little figures on the top of the cake. She made them both out of fired ceramic clay (which is her main art thing) and she knew what the dresses would look like, etc, so the little figures basically look just like Andrea & Dana.

It sprinkled a little near the end of the evening, but not hard enough to spook anyone. Andrea & Dana retired early to their new house. The guests who had been staying there were re-located to the other houses so that the girls could have their official first night as wife and wife in private.

And now they are off in California having a wonderful time I am sure. Most of the guests left Sunday, except for Molly who stayed until this morning. Normally after having guests for several days I want EVERYone out of my house, but Molly is on the extra-short list of people I am happy to have around as much as she feels like it (and she is almost as likely as I am to ditch the clothes as soon as the "normals" are going down the driveway). She is like a younger, wilder version of Mona and we make each other laugh pretty easily. And when you insert bubblegum Jayne into the mix you have a trio which makes the Three Stooges look sophisticated. Our humor gets stupider and stupider the more we are together and Mona gets sick of the lot of us after a while. (Picture three 15-year-old girls in the back seat of the car while mom and dad are driving to church).

Although I am a very social person, I was glad this morning to just have the whole place to myself. The weather continues to be lovely and The Amazing Nature Girl is taking full advantage of the opportunity. I think I am at my most spiritually fulfilled when I am naked in the sunshine and have all kinds of little gardening tasks to tend to if I feel like it. Or, I can just stroll around the Estate. It is so amazingly huge that I can hike around for hours if I want to. If I am planning a big hike through the woods I will generally wear shoes, but I love to be barefoot and make my way through the prairie grass and wade through the creek. There is a little waterfall that splashes across a flat rock and I love to sit in it, the water flowing cool around my butt and under my pussy. One of these days I will probably catch a parasite doing that, but it is among my favorite things so I will take that chance.

* * * * *

June 19

Well, after having all those people in the house last week, now I have nobody. Andrea & Dana are on their honeymoon, Molly has gone home and now Mona is away on a three-day biz trip. She was supposed to go to Baltimore last week, but delayed it cause of the upcoming wedding, but now she is GONE.

As some of you are aware (based on my late-night pathetic phone calls) I am basically pretty pitiful when my Mona is away. I can't sleep alone so I went over to Jayne and Margot's house and climbed in bed with them. And NO this is not a sex thing. All we do is sleep. Me and Jayne do a little cuddling and there is some giggling and fidgeting -- but then Margot gets all "mom" on us and we settle down and sleep.

I'm used to being alone during the daytime while Mona is at work and I know she will be home at dinnertime. But when she is traveling it is NOT okay. Then I feel Alone. And I fear something will happen -- her plane will crash, etc. I used to fear she would fall in love with someone on her trip and just not come home, but I don't fear that anymore. Mona is Mine. I know that. Mona would do anything for me. She will take care of me until one of us dies -- I know this. And knowing that is the bedrock Foundation of my life.

So I can deal with this Alone Shit -- for a while anyways.

* * * * *

June 21

My daylilies are all in bloom and as I look out my window I can see a billion of them all along the garden fence and along the path that goes to Jayne's house, which is where I woke up this morning -- and my first thought was: I'm ovulating. Nowadays I usually know, but I took my temperature to confirm it. We knew we were cutting it close this time, but Mona needed to go on that trip and already delayed it once. So I called her told her I was ovulating and she said to get Jack over there and "make him work" -- that the two of us could do it ourselves this time. And of course that was true. Mona is our director and our cheerleader, but I'm the one with the eggs (supposedly) and he's got the sperm so she's the one person in the trio that can miss a "game day" (as she calls).

So Jack came over a couple hours later and we took another shot at it. We have been trying to get me pregnant for more than a year. He took his usual cup and went to work in the bathroom and I got myself in position propped upside down on pillows on my bed. Mona usually loads up the turkey baster so this time I had him do it. But I did the inserting myself, of course. That's rather intimate and easy enough for me to do myself. I didn't make him leave the room during that, though. I've been staying nude when he's around the past couple months so it wasn't a big stretch from that to have him see me insert a turkey baster into myself, and besides I liked having him sitting next to me when this happened.

Then he left the bedroom to go rinse out the baster and the cup and he closed the door most of the way to give me privacy. If you've read my earlier entries on this subject you know that I always give myself an orgasm at this point (or Mona does it for me) because supposedly this enhances your chances of getting pregnant (the cervix changes shape, cupping the sperm -- or so they say). Anyways, so Jack took his time doing that so I had my privacy. I am able to accomplish this very quickly compared to most women and I was done a couple minutes later when he was at the door asking if he could come in now. I said sure and he brought me some tea with a little sippy straw so I could drink in that position. I always stay propped up for 20 min or so and he sat next to me on the bed -- him right side up and me upside down.

We talked and held hands. This is an intimate thing for both of us -- trying to have a baby -- and it is quite emotional every time cause every time you think "maybe this time is IT." Only it never is of course. We have been disappointed many times and we talked about that. I cried, but I always cry -- the tears running down my temples and into my hair -- and he got a little choked up too. We're quite a pair, him and me, cause we have this Spiritual Thing going in. Mona is usually our Reality Check, but with her gone we were both grooving on the Maybe This Time thing.

Some people have asked me how Jack reacts to me being nude -- whether he just ignores it or is horny or whatever. Jack seems to have perfect pitch in pretty much everything, including this. He does not totally ignore the fact that I am naked and when he comes over he will give me a little look up and down and compliment me on my tan or tell me I look very nice today. And then after that mostly it is just normal. Sometimes if I am all excited about something and jumping up and down he will glance down at my boobs because they are being bouncy and it is something he enjoys seeing. And I enjoy that he enjoys it. Sometimes I get bouncy on purpose just to make him look. And sometimes I will catch him as he subtly adjusts himself in his pants. Usually, he manages to do this while my back is turned, but I catch him sometimes and raise my eyebrows to let him know I noticed and he will shrug. Mona is fully aware of all of this and even plays along by putting her hands on me and bragging that she gets to do this and he doesn't.

June 26

Mona is HOME now and last night I had her muscular little body to hold all night and her perfectly-sized boobs to caress and her wild red hair in my face.

On weekdays, Mona takes a quick shower as she is getting ready for work and I wait to do mine later in the day. But on weekends, we shower together. I like to wash her hair for her and shave her legs. It's sorta one of those submissive things, you know, kinda waiting on her like she is the queen and I am the servant assigned to all these little bodily tasks. In the shower I kneel down, with the water coming down on my head, and I use my elegant little solid gold French razor (which Santa left in my stocking a couple years ago) and I pay meticulous attention to every little red hair on her lovely white legs. She likes her bush natural, which is fine because she doesn't have much anyways. I trim it a little from the bottom. It is sparser down there so I have been gradually shaving father up to expose her more while leaving most of her orange-red forest untouched. While I am doing this important work, I give little kisses to the newly shaven places which, you know, is just part of the quality control process. Gotta check for any faint hint of stubble and this is best done with your lips. I take my work very seriously. And when I am done with all of that smooth skin, I kiss her somewhere else where no shaving is needed. I take this part pretty seriously too.

Very soon after this we leave the shower and sprawl on the bed without even drying off, and I give her some more kisses in the same place and I settle in for what I hope will be the long haul, my nose in her curly red hair, still wet from the shower, and I do not mind that this will take a while because most of the time she makes us change positions so that she is the one doing this to me while she does herself with her hand, more efficient that way and of course she prefers being in complete control, but SOMEtimes she decides to let me do it all myself and I don't care how long it takes because it is what I want to do and I lose myself in the moment and my nose and chin and lips and tongue all take their turns in a wonderful rhythm like I am playing a beautiful instrument, which of course I am, and she holds my head and uses her fingers to comb my hair and she massages my skull, and she tells me she loves me and that is all I want in life at that moment and it fills me with new passion and that puts her over and and then i have to really hold on because now she is rocking and arching but I am holding on tight, my arms wrapped around her strong legs. And then she is done and I crawl up to kiss her face and we roll on our sides and she squeezes me tight against her body and kisses me deeply, her tongue on my teeth and her hand is between my legs and we both know I will not take nearly so long as she did. And boy, we are right.

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