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Libby's Journal - February

February 7

This past week Mona and I went to Chicago. It was a business trip for her, a conference, and I tagged along. We arrived last Sunday and it happened to be "Super Bowl Sunday" so Mona had timed it so we'd be settled in the hotel room just in time to watch the game.

The past couple years we had Super Bowl parties with her jock friends. Mona has two big sets of rowdy jock friends, the members of which overlap to some degree (Andrea is in both). One group is her softball friends, a co-ed group of mostly straight people and just a few lez chicks. When it is this crowd I wear clothes but with the second crowd -- her basketball/volleyball chicks -- I can stay naked and bask in their teasing and flirtations, so naturally that is my favorite of the jock crowds.

But in either case, when there is a "Big Game" party I have the liberty of the whole house and generally hang around in the kitchen tending to food & drink needs and ignore the game. But in the hotel room I was stuck watching the game, so when I have to watch a game I pick the team opposite the one Mona wants and immediately become its most ardent fan. I put down Mona's team and insult everything they do. And this time "my" team, the New England Patriots, won against those other guys who were supposed to win. I razzed her mercilessly and she resorted to tickling. We are both quite ticklish and know each other's most vulnerable spots. I am vulnerable just about everywhere and when I'm not dressed I'm a pretty easy target. With Mona the best place is her underarms. Anyways, we ended up having a good time watching that stupid game.

Since it was a business trip she was in meetings much of the week. I did some walking along Michigan Avenue, but it was too cold to enjoy it and I'm not much of a shopper. I went to the museums, especially the Art Institute, but I got museumed out after a couple days.

We did have one really really really fun evening when we went ballroom dancing. We are both good dancers to begin with, but that is mainly regular party dancing where you just go out and wiggle with rhythm (I'm amazed how many people can't do that). My favorite form of exercise is dancing very fast until I'm totally sweaty and then cooling off by jumping in the pool (if it is summer) or just going outside (if it is winter). And if I can do this while naked, well that is my kinda Good Time.

But this was a different situation. This was ballroom dancing which generally doesn't involve nudity or sweating, but which is quite fun anyways. We had brought along on the trip our best dresses for fancy events so we got all dressed up and walked one block to another hotel where they had a big band and real dancing. Like I said, we're both good dancers to begin with but we didn't know how to do real dances until two years ago when she got us dance lessons for Valentine's Day. We learned how to fox trot and waltz and mambo and to swing dance, which we had sorta taught ourselves already but had to unlearn so we could learn it right.

Well we had a marvelous marvelous time. It was very romantic. One thing I have always loved about Mona right from the very first days when we were dating is that she is never self-conscious about us being a couple in public. We hold hands and kiss hello-goodbye just like any straight couple would do. Most of the women I've dated in the past instinctively held back any emotional displays in public, but not Mona.

And ya know these banker functions we go to are so very conservative -- not just politically but socially. There are gay guys, but most people don't realize they're gay, cause they don't dance together or hold hands or anything like that.

But Mona likes to show me off, cause well ya know, I am something of a babe. Granted I'm a goofball who doesn't know how to act sultry, but in terms of natural physical appearance I turned out okay, if I do say so myself. And put me in a fancy dress and pearls and well baby you might haft adjust the setting on your pacemaker cause, ya know, I can look pretty hot when I try.

And Mona totally stuns them cause the guys who know her day-to-day always see her in pants suits and no makeup, and then -- Zingggg! -- there she is all done up and wearing a fancy dress that shows lots of white freckled skin they normally don't get to see.

But the really fun thing was that the orchestra played mostly waltzes and we sailed and twirled in a big circle around a huge fancy hall with twinkly chandeliers and so on. But all of that was like a background blur cause we only had eyes for each other. It was like we were all alone out there and our eyes were for the most part three inches away from each others and we were having one of those times when it's like we're falling in love all over again.

She and I had actually had little tiff a few days previously (that somehow I didn't write about here) and whenever something like that happens and we make up it just makes our love deeper, and that's what our eyes were saying as we looked at each other while twirling in that waltz, like we were going inside of each other through the doorway of our eyes and becoming one being.

Well. That probably sounds goofy, but I'm not gonna try to say it any different.

When we got back to the hotel there was champagne in our room (which Mona had arranged). There was a narrow hallway in the entranceway and mirrors on one side where the closet was. That's where we undressed each other down to our shoes and our jewelry and Mona stood behind me with her hands caressing my front while we looked at ourselves in the mirrors. She put her chin on my shoulder and whispered sweet and sexy things into my ear and I had a very lovely orgasm in that position. Then we went to bed and had lots more fun which I will decline to describe in detail here. I speak of such things -- delicately of course -- on my Sex page.

We had completely forgotten the champagne so we popped it open and took a very smootchy little bath together with our champagne bottle in its ice bucket and fancy champagne flutes with the name of the hotel engraved on it. Mona was a teeny bit late to her first business meeting the next day.

But now we're back home and glad to be here. I missed my doggies and my own bed and my own kitchen.

* * * * *

Feb. 12

The past few days we have had "Round Two" of the baby-making effort.

We had decided we would do it as many times as Jack could, ahem, produce. He did a pretty good job and lemme tell you, my pussy got a little tired of all the attention. For one thing, that turkey baster had a kinda sharp edge that was a bit scratchy inside me. So Mona decided to fix that. When we began this enterprise we had bought a couple basters of different sizes and she took the rubber squeezeball from the smaller one, slit a hole in it and fitted it over the end of the larger baster, so it wouldn't scratch me inside.

That worked, but it made the big turkey baster look rather more phallic than usual. The "shaft" is opaque white and the rubber ball thing at the end is pink so the thing ended up looking like some caricature of a robot penis or something. Mona played with it in between "sessions" and one time she had it sticking out of the zipper of her jeans and was strutting around pretending to masturbate it like a guy. She had her other hand down the front of her jeans holding it in place and -- we realized too late -- she had filled it with water. So when she pretended to come she squirted the water out on the kitchen floor. It was quite a hoot.

Actually the whole two days were rather fun, partly because as it turns out the story Mona told me about how you're more likely to conceive if you orgasm -- it's actually true! I've been reading fertility books and websites and I've come across it two or three times. Supposedly your cervix changes shape when you orgasm and that helps "scoop up" the semen. I showed it to Mona and she laughed because when she'd told me that before she was just kidding and now we learned it was true! So, as you can guess, that meant every time we made a deposit we also had to make me come. Fortunately, I'm rather easy in that way. Mona takes a long time to come and all conditions have to be just so, but with me it's no prob. I can come in two minutes and can carry on a conversation right up until it hits. Heck, I've driven a car while having an orgasm.

So anyway, I spent a lot of time with my feet up against the bedroom wall while Mona squirted me with the turkey baster and Jack stood in the hallway rooting for his swimmers. We all had a pretty good time, Mona especially I think, who (I realized later) was pretty horny throughout. Jack and I were having orgasms left and right -- him in the bathroom with a coffee cup and me in the bedroom looking at the ceiling while Mona did me with her fingers or her lips (and after a while I just did me myself because it was easier that way). But Mona wasn't getting any nookie herself and was pretty hot from all the peripheral action going on.

Also, she was the only one partying. I was abstaining from alcohol and pot for potential pregnancy reasons. Jack, who hardly drinks anyway, was just sipping on one glass of wine and declined any pot because he said he didn't want any of his little swimmers to get disoriented and go the wrong way or to just sit around asking each other "like, why do we exist, dude?" During our various sessions he would shout out encouragement to his swimmers as if he were a spectator at a race.

But Mona was free to indulge, and she was feeling fine, and she got it into her head that her role in this was to assist both of us in our rigorous duties. You already know how she tended to me. She did not get physical with Jack, but she gave him psychological assistance by flirting with him so he'd be in the mood to produce. But as she got rather a little drunk and stoned she got rather a little more outrageous. At one point, late in the evening she and I were in the bedroom getting ready for another session and she started worming her head under my skirt and I'm pushing her away saying wait a minute Jack's not even in the bathroom with his cup yet. In fact he was coming up the stairs and I didn't want him to see us. But she did and timed it the way she apparently intended. He got a nice glimpse of her pulling out from under my skirt with her nose and chin shiny wet. Then she met him in the hallway, handed him his cup and gave him a little kiss right on the lips "for luck" when of course what she intentionally did was to smear my wetness on him so he could smell it and then she just walked away. I caught his glance and he just grinned and called to her over his shoulder, "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"

I must admit Mona's little stunt was a variation of something I've pulled on her a few times. When I first started going naked with our closest friends visiting I was off-the-charts turned on by the experience (while trying to pretend I was not). I had been naked in front of people before, but with Mona in the mix my excitement ramped up and so anyways when there was an opportune moment when no one could see I put my finger inside myself to get it nice and wet and then wiped said wet finger under Mona's cute little upturned freckled nose so she would smell it while others close-by were unaware of what has transpired (this is especially fun to do when your victim is carrying a tray full of drinks or food or something so she can't wipe it off). So Mona appropriated my little trick to use on Jack. I thought it was hilarious though I was a bit surprised that she would do such a thing to an actual male person, but Jack (as always) is the exception to every rule. (Mona was appropriately embarrassed in the morning -- and her head hurt too).

February 15

Well we had a nice Valentine's Day, but we always do. I sent Mona a dozen long-stemmed white roses at her office, along with a mushy note which I knew she would leave out for anyone to see. I'm not that much of a fan of roses myself -- they don't last long enough -- so Mona sends me spring flower collections instead, which she knows I prefer. But since they don't cost as much as roses she insists on sending me a whole bunch of spring flowers to make up for it, and she knows I like to arrange them myself so the flower delivery guy came with this huge amount of flowers and I spent an hour or so cutting them and arranging them in four different vases (I have lots of vases). I just love doing that, especially this time of year because in summer I have so many flowers blooming outside that we can have cut flowers inside all the time, and in winter I sometimes get a bit depressed with the gray short days -- so a houseful of flowers in February is just what I need.

So anyways, then around 4 p.m. I hear a car coming up the drive and it's her, coming home early -- which I sorta expected she was gonna do. She brought my favorite chocolates (dark Godiva chocolates with nuts -- no creams!) and of course I had bought practically the exact same chocolates for her! That's one thing about lesbian relationships -- you can be sure the candy-buying holidays will be taken care of correctly. Guys buy those pre-wrapped heart-shaped boxes of candy without realizing that a lotta those are gonna be things the girl doesn't like. When a GIRL buys candy for a girl (especially one with whom she is intimate) she does not buy a ready-made box but instead individually selects those candies she knows her girl desires (give that a try, guys -- you'll get extra points).

But Mona also brought me something I hadn't expected -- a new set of TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I have never wanted a permanent tattoo, but I love the temporary ones. I like little teeny flowers and vines and I like to have a whole lot of them on me, and I like Mona to meticulously put them on me, carefully placing each one in whatever pattern strikes her mood. That's part of the fun. But THESE were special Valentine's Day tats and were designed to look like those little candy hearts with lovey-dovey messages on them. So me and Mona had this wonderfully lovely hour or two in our bedroom decorating me, and by the time Andrea and Dana came home I had about a zillion of them on me. And Mona had some on her too, but just like a dozen or so and all of those in parts where most people would never see. Andrea in particular got a big kick out of it and made a show of trying to read each and every one of the tattoos, and because they were hard to read she had to put her face REAL close.

* * * * *

February 27

Well the weather has certainly been strange lately. Today there is snow on the ground and it is bitter cold, which is normal for February. But a couple days ago it was like Spring.

Sunday afternoon the weather was just freakin FABulous, soooooo The Amazing Nature Girl had herself some lovely outdoor play time! It was like 58 degrees and sunny, but the breeze was cool. I walked around the yard picking up sticks for a while, just for something to do naked outdoors. And then I just rolled on the dry winter grass. I like to be directly on the ground sometimes. I laid flat on my back and gripped a bit of turf in each hand as the world spun beneath me. And no, I was not high. Not the way you are thinking anyways. But I am, after all, a pagan earth worshipper and this is just, you know, the kind of stuff we do.

After a while I was getting kinda chilly cause of the wind so I went over by the shed where I have my leaf compost bin and my little lean-to greenhouse for early-start tomato plants. The shed blocked the wind and I spent some time pitch-forking the compost from one bin to the other until I was warm, then I puttered with the garden stuff and found other stuff to do, and when I started feeling a little cold again I pitched some more compost.

Mona was inside working on her laptop, but I knew she was keeping an eye on me thru the big picture window in the dining room. After a while she came out -- not naked of course (she is a weather weenie and it has to be mid summer for her to do that). But anyways she came out and walked up to me and held me and fussed over how cold my skin felt, but I felt warm in the sun and warm from the physical exertion. She caressed me out there in the open where we both knew no one could see us. (Andrea and Dana were away and Jack has been gone for weeks and he wouldn't have been able to see us from his place anyways).

So for a couple minutes there certain of my Really Sensitive Body Parts got quite a bit of attention -- right out there under the sky in February! It was pretty nice, but I was getting cold so we decided to migrate inside and go straight to our bedroom where we'd be more comfy.

But as we were going in the back door Dana and Andrea came bursting in the front door. They had been meeting with their building contractor and they were all excited about the plans for their house and just had to show them to us. So we spread everything out on the dining room table and we let Dana gush on and on over all the details. Dana is "the quiet one" in our group and it is always fun to see her let loose.

So then, after all that, it was time to get dinner started. I was making a complicated new recipe and had to double it so there was math involved. Mona offered to help me but all she really wanted to do was put her hands on me and make me forget how to multiply fractions.

Anyways, that was Sunday and Monday was kinda nice too, but a little cooler, then Tuesday morning there was snow on the ground, and by today it was bitter cold.

But I don't mind now cause I know Spring is almost here and once again the Amazing Nature Girl will be set freeeeee!!

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