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My Best Friends

Although Lord knows there are plenty of OTHER things I'm REALLY not good at, I must say I do have a natural talent for making friends. I've just always ended up being popular in groups -- and in most of those situations I have clothes on. As a child, I never had any trouble just walking up to some other kid and saying, do you want to play? I basically still do that.

Mona also has a bunch of friends, either from work or the various sports teams she is on. So she and I socialize with a wide assortment of folks of various genders, ages and orientations, but we are closest to two other female couples -- Margot & Jayne and Andrea & Dana. These are the people that I am the most comfortable with. Not only can I be physically naked around them, I can be emotionally exposed as well. They see me when I am at my worst, and I don't try to hide anything from them or pretend I'm fine when I'm not.

Of course, lesbian group friendships can be tricky. When I was in my early 20s the group of women I spent time with were great people -- fun and sexy and sweet -- but it was like a soap opera the way we all kept breaking up with each other and falling in love with each others' best friends and having dangerous little fixations behind each others' backs. Nobody meant to hurt anyone but everyone got hurt sooner or later and no one could trust each other. That's one of the things that I think gay people have to work harder on that straights. When your lover and your best friend are the same gender it's easy let things get confused.

Even within my current group, there is some cross-over sexual history. Andrea and I dated briefly -- and had fabulous sex (have I mentioned that?) -- but remained great friends who flirt a lot, and she in fact is the one who introduced me to Mona. Andrea and Mona have been best friends since college and have "accidentally" had sex a few times. They play on sports teams together, win epic games together, go out and drink hard to celebrate said victories . . . and then wake up in bed naked together the next morning. To my knowledge, this has not happened on MY watch but (don't tell them I said this) I would forgive them if it ever does.

Jayne and I also had friend sex at a particular moment when that was exactly the right thing for each of us individually. I had started dating Mona, but then we broke up because Mona couldn't commit and I couldn't be patient and she literally took a new job in another city and moved away.

Jayne is voluptuous in the classic old-style way (she'd have made a great pin-up model during WWII), plus she is silly so it seemed like a good time for me to just burrow myself between those big breasts and blow farting sounds against her skin until she shrieks that she is going to pee if I don't stop. And I respect that because I have tested her claim and found it to be valid. But then Mona was on my doorstep wanting to make up so, well, that was awkward. Not that there was any doubt which one I would "choose" because I loved Mona -- and Jayne knew that and was happy for me. Our relationship actually hadn't changed -- we were buddies who were there for each other in a physical way when that was good for both of us.

By the time Mona bought all this property and we moved into this house, the six of us had settled into our current pairings and I think we're all rock-solid now. So, that first weekend we were in the house, we had an unofficial housewarming party with just the six of us. Weeks later, we would have an official housewarming with more people and more clothing on me, but that first weekend it was just our little group. Although I had, of course, gone naked around them before, NOW there was all that private land surrounding us! Instead of just being naked inside, I was out at the top of the long driveway waving to them as they pulled up.

I served dinner outside on the deck, but then later I went inside to make coffee and get the ice cream pie ready to serve and everyone drifted into the dining room. We have one of those little shuttered windows connecting the dining room and the kitchen, and I was on the kitchen side making preparations while everyone else had gathered in the dining room. Mona, being a good host, came into the kitchen side with me to "help" me by putting her hand on my butt as I was trying to cut the first piece out of the ice cream pie (which as you know can be a little tricky).

Because I was standing in the little serving window, the others could only see me above the countertop level. Mona was gently rubbing my butt, but her fingers kept going deeper on each downward pass and we both knew that sooner or later she was going to try to worm her fingers between my legs. I have, of course, become skilled at twirling out of her grasp when she gets too frisky in front of company, but this time I knew no one could see what was happening. I decided okay, I'm going to surprise her by NOT stopping her when she tries to do that This was my sexy little secret for a nanosecond but then I must have wiggled my butt or something involuntarily, tipping her off and in that moment we both knew what she was about to do and what I was about to let her do.

So, as I delicately lifted that first piece of pie out of the tin and held it above a little glass plate -- the ones from my grandmother with the gold rim -- Mona expertly made her move, like a quarterback nailing a tight pass. The pie dropped onto its plate and with her left hand Mona placed a dessert fork on the plate and slid it across the counter where our four friends were politely lined up, each insisting that one of the others take the first piece. It took me a while but I managed to put four pieces of pie on four little glass plates, and during that entire time Mona demonstrated her ambidextrous skills as both of her hands kept busy at their separate tasks.

Finally, our four guests each had a plate and there were two pieces left in the tin that Mona and I shared, each feeding the other. My left hand was gripping the counter edge as I concentrated on not letting my face betray me -- but I was quickly learning that it is a lot easier to pretend you are having an orgasm when you are not actually having one than the reverse. I shoveled a big slab of pie into Mona's mouth and she could barely close her mouth without ice cream squirting out so I used my lips to help her with the excess and we shared the bite as we kissed. I made a comically exaggerated moan to get everyone to imitate me, and oooohs and ahhhhhs soon echoed in the largely still empty and high-ceilinged old house. That was my cover and I let myself go, my face now in Mona's neck and both arms squeezing her in a hug as I let the orgasm sweep secretly through me.

And then someone asked, "is that coffee done yet?" and they all started coming over from the dining room to the kitchen, and so I twirled away from Mona and began pouring coffee into mugs. Mona grinned at me, licked her fingers and said "good pie."

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