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The Amazing Nature Girl!

I can never decide whether to call myself a nudist or a naturist, but I am usually naked. We have 100 acres of rolling pastures and woods so I have lots of opportunity these days. Most of our friends are women and I don't bother to dress when they come over.

Mona and I have visited a couple of nudist resorts, but she's not very comfortable with it and to be honest I'm not either. It may be hypocritical of me, but I don't particularly want to see other people naked. I'm fine with other women more-or-less my age, but I'm not into the "family nudism" experience with kids, old people and middle-aged dudes with pot bellies hanging out over their dongs.

I am content to "practice" my nudism amongst a small circle of friends, and most of the time I am doing it alone. Just me and Nature. One of my favorite things about being nude is just the simple act of going outside in the morning with my tea and sitting in my favorite outdoor chair, and finding it wet with dew or last night's rainfall, and just sitting down in it, wet on my bare skin. When I get up, the water on my butt rolls in little streams down my legs. As I walk around outdoors, the moisture on my skin gradually evaporates and while it is still there I touch it with my hand.

Even as kid I remember the pre-sexual thrill of making a mad dash through the house before my bath. I was the youngest in a household of confident women -- four older sisters, my mom and my aunt. Sometimes a grandmother. And so, there was never a time when someone told me I was too old to be running around naked.

It was one-bathroom house so we all saw each other naked pretty routinely with no hint of shame or embarrassment. You were only allowed to lock the bathroom door if you were pooping. Mere peeing did not warrant privacy, and if you were taking a bath, well, you might as well leave the door standing open because others would be in and out.

For my sisters, being naked was just a routine thing you did at certain practical times, mostly in the bathroom (though they did sunbathe out on back porch roof), but for me it was a little thrill and I was always ready to take the opportunity to do it. Like before or after my bath, not just when I was little but at 14 or so, I would find some excuse to saunter downstairs looking for a magazine to read in the tub or whatever. And if I could get myself distracted in conversation and stay downstairs naked for a while -- oooh that was fun. My sisters could tell I did that on purpose and would gently tease me about my nakedness -- and I totally ate that up.

We lived in a small town near the Great Lakes and even though it was just a regular city lot with other houses around we did have a little bit of outdoor privacy. Our house was at the top of a hill and the way the garage, fence and trees were situated, one could step out the back door and into the yard without anyone seeing. Now and then I'd be the only one home and I'd go outside naked just to feel it. I remember one such day when it was summer and drizzly rainy and I stood in the misty rain letting my skin get wet and I rode my bike in circles at the top of the driveway, naked in the sprinkling rain. I wanted SO badly to just pedal down the driveway and down the street to the park. The image of myself naked in a normal public situation in which everyone else is clothed was what I imagined as I discovered the art of masturbation. Mom had told me all about my vagina and my ovaries and of course my period, but while she did mention the role of the clitoris, she really didn't do it justice. Zowee. I wanted to go ask my sisters, "do you know about this? Do you realize what this DOES??" But I figured they probably did and I didn't want to admit what I was doing with mine. It was a while before I masturbated all the way to climax and there was a period of time in which all I did was get myself excruciatingly horny and then find an excuse to go downstairs naked.

I had to be careful not to do that when my sisters' boyfriends were over, but if they just had girlfriends over I could get away with it and in fact it was even better because the teasing would be intensified and some pretty girl older than me would be watching me with teasing eyes as I pretended it was normal and got a coke out of the fridge or something. Of course I had no idea I was gay yet but I knew this was a thrill and a half, and it was right after one such experience that I pressed my button long enough to come and I remember laying there sweating on my bed looking at the ceiling in the dark and thinking, "life is going to be fun."

As I got a little older I didn't do that quite as much because there were boyfriends constantly in the house. I started having boyfriends too and I frustrated the heck out of them because they could get me out of my clothes pretty quickly, but then I wouldn't have sex with them. I enjoyed kissing and getting my boobs fondled, but that's about as far as I let them go. I loved it that boys got turned on by my body, but I was satisfied with that. They weren't, of course, but that was just too bad for them.


In college I was in an all-girl dorm my first year and I would stroll naked down the hallway to the bathroom acting so casual, and accepting any opportunity to stop and chat with someone. That's how I met my first girlfriend, Kelly. We had two or three hallway conversations like that and then about the third time she said oh I have a copy of that book you said you need -- c'mon down to my room. So we walked wayyyy down the the other end of the dorm to her room and gosh darn she just couldn't find that book, but would I care for some wine? We sat around drinking wine and listening to music and I was thinking oh this is so cool and sophisticated, I'm just naked here and it's just normal.

And then we were dancing there in her room, me so so naked and seeing myself in the mirror and getting silly drunk on a single glass of wine. And then. Slow music. As if it were the most normal thing in the world (which come to think of it, it is) she took off her clothes and stepped close to me and we began to slow dance, skin touching skin and her hands going up and down my bare back and resting now and then on my bottom. Well, I won't go on with all the sweet, sexy details but we made love in her bed, my first time.

Throughout college and afterwards I sometimes went nude a lot and sometimes didn't. It sort of depended on what was happening in my head and what my friends were like. Part of that time I was roomies with two straight chicks who both had boyfriends, so I was not in the habit of being nude there cause even if no guys were present at the moment you never knew when one of them would just barge in without knocking. Then there was a period of time when I was a little out of control as my manic periods were getting worse and I was not yet diagnosed with bipolar. If you have ever experienced clinical mania it is a lot like being on great drugs -- you feel euphoric and way too self-confident, plus you don't think about consequences. So there were a few times during this period when my natural desire to be nude in public places did not get restrained by common sense (not that I have a lot of common sense even at my best).

I have lost touch with Kyle and JT, (e-mail me if you are reading this girls!), but they were some wild chicks and they got a kick out of pushing me over the edge, which was easy to do in those days. I can remember one time removing all my clothes in their car as we were driving on the highway in the middle of the night and literally throwing them out the window. Another time, we were sitting in a very dark smokey bar in a booth in a corner and they again talked me into taking off all of my clothes. It didn't require much convincing because I found it such a tantalizing idea. No one could see me back there in the dark and my long hair covered most of what showed above the table.

But Kyle had put my clothes in her backpack and then suddenly they both said "well let's go" and jumped up and headed for the door. I ran after them naked past a bunch of surprised people in the bar (who cheered and applauded) and out into the street where it was still blazingly daylight. Kyle and Jet ran to the car and seemed to be waiting for me but when I caught up with me they locked me out of the car and drove away! They stopped a little ways up the block and I ran after them and they zipped ahead again. Lots and lots of people saw this. Eventually, they let me in the back seat. I tried to stay mad at them, but it had been such a thrilling experience that I had to fake being mad. That night in my bed I relived that scene, dwelling on that lovely moment in the bar when everyone was applauding me, and in my fantasy the girls had driven away and I had to go back inside.

The stories of my college years sound funny now -- and, well, actually they were funny then too -- but looking back I realize I was pretty nuts right then and my memories of that period are sometimes like a movie as if it was someone else and not me. This was at the beginning of an emotional meltdown that finally led me to see a shrink and get diagnosed with bipolar. The nude experiences I had at that time were fine as far as what actually happened, but risky and I am grateful nothing bad ever happened to me.

Mona, my enabler and protector

By the time I met Mona I was fairly sane and healthy for the first time in years and it was just the right time for me to meet someone special. I've written elsewhere how we met, but once Mona and I got together we discovered that one thing we really really have in common is that we both adore having me be naked. 

As Mona became aware of my proclivity she reacted in what I considered the perfect way. If I was dressed she'd tsk and say "why are you dressed?" And then she'd help me take my clothes off and put them away. Sometimes this was a prelude to sex, but not always. And even when we did have sex at that moment, when it was over she would put on a t-shirt or something, but always wanted me to stay naked, which I gladly did. And pretty soon she was suggesting that I stay naked when her friends came over. She was on a couple of sports teams and there was a particular group of girl jocks that she was closest with, which included Andrea.

Life on 'The Estate'

When we reached the point in our relationship that we were ready to buy a house together, I was mainly just wanting a place with a private backyard where no one would see me frolicking in nature. Mona surprised me by taking me on a drive out into the country where we met up with our Realtor to look at a property. There was a 100-year-old house down close to the road, but the driveway also went past that house and up a hill past pine trees to a second house, built in the 1940s. There was also a ramshackle barn that would have to be torn down and farther up the hill a little rustic cabin. In all, there was 100 acres.

So Mona bought the whole property and we moved into the 1940s house and my childhood urge to run naked in the rain and roll in the wet grass was totally fulfilled. I can spend days naked. I could hike and run and work in the gardens and be "naked with impunity" with no worries about who might be nearby. Our friends, Margot and Jayne moved into the 100-year-old house down by the road and after we started the pregnancy effort with Jack he started fixing up the little cabin up on the hill. This way of living has been deal for me and has really helped me remain mentally and emotionally healthy. I can no longer imagine living any other way.

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