Santa's labor force

I made about 25 of these Christmas elves in 2021, and sold most of them. A few can still be found at my Etsy site, and I saved two or three of my favorites.

Here are some images from that group:

And here below is the description I used on my Etsy shop when I was promoting them:

Although Santa is a good boss, he doesn't actually make any income and therefore has no retirement fund for his hardworking elves. After 200-300 years in Santa's Workshop, these hardworking elves are ready to retire to a warmer climate with seasonal employment as household Christmas decorations.

United Federation of Elves, North Pole Local 103

UFE Local 103 represents more than 43,000 elves employed at Santa's Workshop Inc. From the Lego Stamping Facility to the Platinum Barbie Smelting Plant, these hardworking greencollar elves labor all year to produce the toys and gadgets Santa delivers in one night -- thanks to the mechanics in Sleigh Maintenance and our brothers and sisters at the United Federation of Reindeer Teamsters.

But after they put in their centuries and clock out for the last time, elves like to retire somewhere warmer than the North Pole. The union is looking to place them in good homes where they can still do an honest December's work as Christmas decorations. Please, make room in your home for a retired Santa Elf.

Although they are made primarily from magic, other ingredients also include paper mache, wire, bamboo, scraps of cloth and glue. Each is approximately 14 inches tall, and you can bend their arms and fingers to pose them -- but please do so gently. They are artwork not toys for children or pets. There is pointy wire inside them so please, no chewing.


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